Friday, November 27, 2015

Cheap Silk Sarees for Regular Use Available Online

For regular wear, cotton sarees are most comfortable ones but they get soft and crushed after first use and you cannot wear it again without starch and ironing. It is difficult to maintain cotton sarees in rainy season too as they take long time to dry and starch does not come into full action in absence of strong sun. Wearing silk is a good option but for that you need cheap silk sarees. Since we keep silk sarees for occasional usage, they are usually the most expensive sarees of our wardrobes. So, for regular use we need silk sarees but cheap one. Is that possible to get cheap sarees in silk because in most of the cases we get art silk where synthetic threads dominate the yarn.

When we say sarees for regular use, it does not mean you are wearing it in home as domestic wears. It means wearing it more often. There are professions where you are expected to wear Indian ethnic dresses like teachers and professors. Cotton is undoubtedly the best option but maintaining it gets quite difficult. You don't wash your silk that often, so you can wear it multiple times before it goes for washing. And you look elegant at the same time. Cheap silk sarees prove really helpful in these circumstances.

Indian silk sarees with cheap price available online
If you don't have the right identification of silk, you can be duped easily. You can visit reliable stores that guarantee you the quality of sarees. Just because you have low budget, do not go to any store in any market. Or the best place is to visit websites because now cheap silk sarees are available online. Art or faux silk have another dedicated section. You can even get these artificial silks in different range. But when you need original silk sarees you will get them at a reasonable price. This is due to several reasons like lack of inventory cost, low maintenance cost, low man power cost etc. And above all, there are some or the other discounts. Whatever be the reason, you can get cheap silk sarees online without worrying about the quality.

However, to get the best quality within the price range, you must visit reliable websites. These days, fashion websites are emerging like mushrooms. Unfortunately, many users have complained of fraudulent transactions where item delivered is not same as the item ordered, or some discrepancy regarding the payment. It is advisable to do business with the sites that are popular among the users. You can also visit the sites of renowned stores but it is less likely to get cheap silk sarees in these stores due to obvious reasons.

Another way of getting silk sarees at nominal price is buying from the weavers themselves. This way you cut the cost of middle management, that is, the merchants. You will be surprised to see how little profit these weavers earn on every saree. If you happen to visit Kanchipuram or Murshidabad, you can buy silk sarees at really cheap price. Dodging the stores and merchants can help you get the discounted price. But this is easier said than done. Cheap silk sarees can be bought from the whole sellers too but there you have to buy in bulk, which may not be possible always. Having judged all pros and cons, it can be said that it is better to buy them online. You get good quality at a better price. If you are not happy with the product, you can return it too and a replacement will be sent. Give it a try once and you will know why experts say so. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Premium Wear Sarees for High Class Indian Ladies now Online

Perfect classy Indian look of a lady means one draped in a saree. It is true that this is such an elegant outfit that no matter what fabric you wear, if you can carry it off gracefully, class will come as an additional package. But there are certain occasions where you need premium wear sarees to represent the section of the society you belong to. Any saree in elegant fabric and designs can be classy but high class Indian women prefer some particular fabric that are premium, designer and often expensive as well. Till last few decades, these sarees were found in different expensive stores and boutiques, but times have changed now, especially for the retail business. Premium wear sarees for high class Indian women are now online. Browse through the collection and place the order- this is all you need to do when you can afford them.

There are different factors that make a saree premium like fabric, pattern, designs, artwork and availability. For example a cotton saree cannot be said a premium one but when there are some exclusive artwork done on it or some other fabric like jute or silk threads are woven in it, they become a premium one. Similarly, a plain silk or georgette saree can be expensive but not premium if not the patterns and designs made on them are done by machines. Same with Jamdani sarees of West Bengal where the handmade ones are one of the most sought after premium wear sarees. Kanchipuram silk, designer georgette and chiffon etc are some of the examples. Due to the exclusive designs, the availability of these sarees are limited, which make them premium. Handmade sarees and designs are really expensive because in most of the cases these are dying art and so number of craftsmen deft in this art are decreasing. At the same time, heavily worked zardousi saree in georgette are also expensive because of the time, effort and time invested in one such piece. These are exclusive and premium wear sarees.

Indian traditional patachitra sarees online
In every city and town, there used to be a locality or market, which was famous for these exclusive sarees. We were told of particular shops that keep the best of the lot. There were some stores that sell only reasonably priced sarees. But online retail has changed the entire picture. You can get sarees from the price range of Rs 200 to Rs 2,00,000 in one website and there are hundreds of such sites. It is true that you will not get premium wear sarees for Rs 200 but with several schemes and discounts, you can bag one for Rs 1000 at least. Premium sarees does not always mean unaffordable for everyone. Stock clearance, festive season and other discounts can often turn out to be fortunate enough to strike such an unexpected deal. There is no upper limit of this price range. In these online stores, you will find Bollywood sarees as well where you can find your favourite stars sporting different designer sarees that are available for sale. 

Upper strata of the Indian society has fetish for designer sarees. Designers like Ritu Kumar, Satya Paul, Sabyasachi and others have redefined the concept of sarees among urban women and have made them crazy about this outfit. You can get their as well as different upcoming and established designers' collections in these online stores. Not much discount can be obtained for the authentic designs, thus they remain exclusive as premium wear sarees for high class Indian women. But barring them, almost the entire collection of a website can be offered on a discount. Keep your eyes open for such opportunity where you can buy premium wear sarees much like high class Indian women. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Different ways we can make new and clean India (Sachho Bharat) by the help of handloom and handicrafts

Ever since the earliest beginnings, the handlooms and handicrafts industry in India has been an essential part of this country’s culture. While the word ‘industry’ was only applied to it much later on, the arts of handlooms and handicrafts developed since the earliest days in Indian history along with its religious and social fabric. Over the years, different types of handicraft items and handloom clothing materials have evolved that has appealed buyers both in this country and abroad. The practices of making handicrafts and handlooms have slowly and gradually evolved into organized trades, although records of India maintaining trading relations with other countries and exporting handloom fabrics and handicrafts have been found in ancient documents. In the last century or so, India has developed strong trading relations with various countries in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, USA, certain parts of Africa and many other regions of Asia, offering them high quality handloom fabrics and beautifully made handicrafts.

These trading relations that India has with other countries have benefited India in a great way by bringing in large sums of revenue. This has not only helped India to be more self reliant but also made it possible for millions of people in this country to depend on something else apart from agriculture to earn their daily livelihood. The handloom sarees and other garments that are produced in India are of really top notch quality and the same can be said of the handicrafts that reflect the beliefs and traditions of different parts of this country in which they originate. It is therefore only natural that they will have great demand in foreign markets. Nevertheless, in the recent times the handicraft and handloom industry in India has faced stiff competition from various other countries such as China and Japan when it comes to exporting these goods to foreign countries. The other thing that has made it difficult for people within the handloom and handicraft industry is the increasing taxes on raw materials that they make use of for producing the finished goods.

Build new and clean India

It is in such regards that many politicians and social workers have now come forward to incite the local and national government bodies to reduce taxes on the raw materials so that the people involved in the handicraft and handloom industry find it easier to expand their businesses. The government bodies are also taking strategic measures so that the handloom and handicrafts industries can benefit from them. Steps are being taken so that there is growth in annual exports in foreign lands. Even social media and online shopping sites are coming forward to promote handlooms and handicrafts that will eventually benefit the country.

Handlooms and handicrafts are also going to play a crucial role in making Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Sachho Bharat” campaign a grand success. The main goal of the “Sachho Bharat” campaign is to create a clean, pollution-free India within 2nd October 2019 which is the 150th birthday anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. The new and clean India (Sachho Bharat) campaign is also going to incite a strong fervor of nationalism and independence among Indians. Not only it is going to educate people about the importance of sanitation activities but it is also going to inculcate the habit of taking responsibility and doing one’s own part. The handlooms and handicrafts of India have been following the same philosophy for hundreds of years. They have helped the people in India to create their own clothes and their own utilitarian items and imbibe in them a strong sense of self reliance. Such factors are going to increase the importance of handicrafts and handlooms in the coming months as a vehicle of social change.             

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How celebrity styles online influence us for changing the way shop clothing in 21st century

As human beings, we are always looking for something that inspire and excite us, or at least bring the promise of something that is way more than what our normal lives can provide. It is for this reason that we are constantly attracted to celebrities and what they do in their personal lives. While the definition of what makes one a celebrity has changed through the ages, one thing has remained certain, that we all love to think and talk about celebrities. In fact, the beliefs, thoughts and ideas of celebrities influence our lives in more ways than one. There was a time when eminent scientists, politicians and social thinkers were considered as celebrities and their ways inspired and affected common thinking all around the world. Nowadays movie stars, musicians and sports professionals are the dominant types of celebrities and they have a strong impact in our day to day lives.

Whether we admit it or not, we are always fascinated by what our favorite celebrities are doing. It is for this reason that we look up to various magazines and online sites to be aware of all the latest news and updates regarding them. One of the favorite pastimes of men and women is of course to talk about the latest movies, music releases and relationships of celebrities. Another aspect of celebrity life greatly shapes up our choices and that is celebrity fashion. Men and women invest considerable amount of their daily time and energy in finding out about celebrity styles online. This is so because celebrities are always ahead of breaking new grounds and territories when it comes to fashion and styling. If there is a new or different way to deck oneself up and be the center of attention in a social gathering, we can find a celebrity is trying that and making headlines.

Bollywood celebrity styles online
A celebrity always loves to be the center of attention and lead the way when it comes to fashion trends. Every movie star or musician knows that what they wear will be discussed by various online websites and print magazines. It is thus for a very strong reason that celebrities focus on always presenting their very best selves when it comes to the choice of their clothes. They often consult various stylists and fashion designers on what would look best on them. Fashion designers frequently design costumes and clothes that would look great on specific celebrities. What celebrities wear on different special occasions is meticulously covered by various online and print media journalists and they become major headlines in different online and offline sites and publications.

In the 21st century, we men and women put special emphasis on looking great in our day to day lives. Hence it is no wonder that we take fashion cues from our beloved celebrities. Whether a particular fashion trend is a passing thing or a major style concept for the years to come, we all become influenced by it in more ways than one. A common practice for many people is to regularly follow celebrity styles and decide accordingly on what to buy from clothing stores. There are also many online stores that specialize in having large stocks of top quality clothing items that are endorsed by the leading celebrities. In India, fashion is heavily influenced by Bollywood styles, and there is always a great demand among people to get the best clothing items worn by their favorite actors and actresses. Online stores have become the most venerated centers for buying clothing items that are promoted by celebrities in India. They have truly contributed to enhance the fashion options for people in this country.   

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Chhath Puja

.Chhath Puja is an North Indian Festival, which traditionally celebrated by the women of Bihar. This puja is offered to Lord sun for well wishes and health. On this special day women's wear the traditional silk saree and offers prayer to the sun god on evening.

"Women's Pray to Lord Sun"

On evening women's leave their fast and sung the devotional song with great devotion. It  is a great festival in India. Every women looks gorgeous in this Chhath Puja.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Which clothing and accessories make you a stylish Indian women

Like in any other parts of the world, the women in India love to look beautiful and trendy in her day to day life. In today’s world where more women are required to spend their time interacting with other men and women in the society, it is necessary that they have the best clothing items and accessories always at hand that can make them look gorgeous. A woman of today not only needs to handle her domestic responsibilities but also socially interact with many of her peers in her workplace and develop longstanding relationships with them. Hence it is obvious that a woman needs to take special care of her and splurge on the best clothing and accessories that can make her look great and help her to stand out in a crowd.

Among the different types of clothing items that a woman of today can wear are ethnic dress materials and western outfits. Then there are also those which are a blend of the two. When it comes to ethnic wear, women in this country prefer sarees above everything else. Sarees are an essential part of the Indian culture and many different types of sarees have evolved over hundreds and thousands of years. There are different types of sarees that can make a woman feel elegant and classy. While some sarees are particularly suited for occasions such as weddings and engagements, there are also those that are suitable for birthdays, office parties, pujas and other kinds of social gatherings. Silk sarees, designer sarees and georgette sarees are some of the most popular items that are preferred by stylish Indian women.

Stylish Indian women always love to wear sarees

Apart from sarees, a woman in India can also choose to deck up in ghagra choli, salwar kameez, patiala suits and other kinds of ethnic dresses. Some women have a particular fondness for ethnic Indian clothing and they prefer wearing them on a variety of occasions. Others are more keen on dressing themselves up in different types of western wears. Among the different types of western outfits that are preferred by women in India, jeans and t-shirts are quite common. Women also love to wear a wide range of tops and skirts that complement each other. These skirts and tops can be of the same of different color. Women also love to have clothing items that come in a variety of designs such as floral prints, geometric patterns, polka dots, swirls, psychedelic prints, imageries and written slogans. Evening dresses and gowns are also extremely popular among women who love to add a dash of adventure and glamour to what they wear.

No matter what a woman chooses to wear for a particular occasion, the outfit should also be complemented by the right kind of accessories. This means that a fashion conscious woman should also focus on getting the right kind of shoes, bags, clutches, belts, hats, watches, bangles and bracelets. This is true whether one is looking to dress up in Indian ethnic wears or western dresses. Matching accessories can greatly alleviate the beauty of different kinds of clothing items that the women of today may wear. Moreover, accessories help a woman to experiment with her appearance in a great way and enable her to create varied styles and looks.

A woman who is looking to buy the best clothing items and accessories can get them from various online stores. The online stores in India offer a range of products at the most pocket friendly rates that can suit the fashion preferences of different women. By visiting an online store, it is possible to choose from a myriad of high quality products and get the very best for oneself.           

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Confusion of Buyers while Purchasing Old Age Sarees Online for Gift

Buying sarees as gift itself is quite confusing because you can never be sure that the recipient would like it or not. And the magnitude of confusion increases when you are asked to buy old age sarees online for gift. There are so many related problems. Let us discuss them and think of the work around to deal with them.

When you are buying saree for some aged woman, first thing that comes to mind is its colour. When you are buying it from your known store, it is easy but problem arises when you intend to buy these old age sarees online to be given as gift. The resolution of screen varies from a computer to another. A lot of filters are used while taking the pictures and handiworks are done using different software to give the sarees an appeal. If a saree does not look good, why will you buy it? So, naturally colour of the saree you see in the portal may vary from the actual one. A simple logic will help you. If you are buying a light coloured saree like beige, light mustard, off white or ivory, go for its lightest shade. So, even if it is not same in actual, it has to be one to two shades darker, not more than that.

Old age sarees online for sending gift

Fabric is another factor that confuses you to no end when you buy old age sarees online. You must have seen her wearing sarees. What kinds of sarees are they? In most of the cases, ageing women prefer wearing sophisticated cotton, silk, handloom etc kind of sarees, that do not have bling and are easy to manage. It does not necessarily be mono coloured, but the colour combination has to be elegant. Often they feel discomfort with too much bright sarees. It is advised not to go by what it is seen in movies and television serials. You will rarely come across a lady in her late 60s in bright red brocade saree. Off white temple bordered Odisha handloom, tussar, Kerala cotton, Mysore silk and elegant looking soft coloured Kanchipuram silk can be a wonderful gift.

Another matter of concern that may come up while buying old age sarees online is the returning policy. If, unfortunately, the recipient does not like your gift, has a similar piece or gets a damaged one, how would the old woman sort it out. It is very simple. Almost all the online retail stores offer free return policy. All you need to do is inform them of the same and it will be their responsibility to pick it up, ship and get you a fresh piece, all for free.

Often confusion arises regarding dispatch of the gift. While placing order for old age sarees online, you calculate the estimated date of delivery. But what if you get to know that the recipient lady would not be at home on that day or has some prior commitment. Way out is easier than buying saree and send it through courier because even then the problem remains. The online saree stores have live chat or free customer care number available at least 12 hours a day, if not 24X7. All you need to contact one of the executives and let them know of the problem. Delivery would be rescheduled accordingly.

Now you know buying old age sarees online is not really that difficult. There are some misconceptions and ignorance regarding online shopping. Once that is cleared and you are sure what exactly are you looking for, the task becomes easy like never before. So, go ahead and pick an elegant and sober saree in comfortable fabric. Your loved one will love you even more. 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

How to get up your dress safe in this Diwali.

Diwali always is a festival of light's , diya's, sweets and crackers. For Diwali we always want's to dress up some fashion outfit's which is more important, but in this we have to dress up safely while using the crackers.

On Diwali mostly every household women loves to wear Stylish Anarkali, Lehenga and designer sarees. But the fashion lady always wants to dress up safe for himself and family members at the time of cracking.

Tips to dress up safe at the time of bursting crackers.
1. Avoid synthetics.
2. Wear Loose clothes
3. Avoid Glass and metal Bangles
4. Drape cotton Dupatta
5. Cloths for Kid's

Always try to use cotton saree, cotton loose shirt, Loose tops at the time of cracking.
Here's wishing you a happy and safe Diwali.
                   Happy Diwali.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Dhanteras- Festival of wealth

Every year Dhanteras festival celebrate in the month of Kartik on 13th day of dark fortnight. 
On this auspicious day Goddess Laxmi is worshipped to provide wealth, prosperity and well being. In the evening people light the earthen lamps to welcome Dhan Laxmi into their house. On every house various design's of Alpana or Rangoli are drawn on the pathways to welcome Goddess Laxmi. Most people decorate their house with Maa Laxmi footprint's all over room and sung various Aartis or devotional song. Later every household family take the prasad which offer to Goddess Dhandevi.

In India Hindus also celebrate the God Kuber who is the treasure of wealth. On that day people worship Goddess laxmi and Kuber together to get more wealth. Women's go to nearest Jwellery showroom to buy new gold jwellery or silver jwellery or utensils to respect the occasions of Dhanteras.

Every Household peoples wear new traditional Indian cloths and wear new jwellery and light the lamp with happy and joyous. Some Peoples send the beautiful Diwali Gift's  to their nearest or dearest ones through Online shopping.
                                Happy Dhanteras

Friday, November 6, 2015

Sambalpuri Saree is Top Among Premium Party Wear for Political Women Leaders

Today, Sambalpuri saree is the epitome of elegance and power. These sarees were the staple outfit for the locals and used to be the livelihood of many villages near Sambalpur. But something happened. It started towards the end of the decade of 70s of the last century when former Prime Minister Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi started making public appearances in integral this variety of sarees. Today, it is a premium party wear for the political women leaders but it was Mrs. Indira Gandhi who gave it such a prominent position in the cupboard of important women of politics.

Sambalpuri sarees, due to their texture and elegant designs have become synonymous with the wardrobe of women politicians. It is almost like a dress code for them. Just think of a light colored Sambalpuri saree with contrasting border, and you will visualize Mrs Gandhi coming out of the Parliament. The tradition is still on. Though the silk Sambalpuri sarees are indeed premium party wear, you will find the cotton varieties in different combinations and designs draped around important women like Sushma Swaraj, Ambika Soni, Sheila Dixit and of course Sonia Gandhi. Even Mamata Banerjee who is known for her simplistic attire can be spotted in modest Sambalpuri sarees when attending important events.

Elegant designs of Sambalpuri Sarees Online

There is definitely no thumb rule set for these women politicians to choose Sambalpuri sarees as their political manifesto of dressing but by some unwritten law, these sarees have become an integral part of their wardrobe- from premium party wear to modest public appearances. You will also find most of the Doordarshan anchors or newsreaders sporting these sarees. These sarees are so elegant and sophisticated that when draped elegantly it presents a very pleasant and professional image- exactly what is expected from a political leader.

A political leader has to travel a lot. Hard work, long journeys, walks, public speeches, meetings etc are integral part of their everyday lives. As national clothing, they are expected to wear sarees in these events and personally they want one which is comfortable to carry, should not be bling and does not get creased even after a hectic day. The Sambalpuri sarees just fit the bill most aptly. The fabric is cotton or silk, thread work is used for adornment, no sequins or other shining materials are used. A cotton Sambalpuri saree can be their premium party wear and at the same time it can make them one with the ordinary people too. As political figures, we just cannot imagine them in a sequined designer saree with heavy zardousi work. And the Sambalpuri saree is perfect for their image.

There is a glow of luster in these sarees. The most commonly used motifs here are shells, fish, wheel, and flower. The borders in contrasting colors and heavily worked pallu are the trademark designs of Sambalpuri sarees. Due to their simplistic and traditional approach and look, it is a hot favorite of women politicians in India and have earned their position as premium party wear. It has a very earthly look and thus calls for even more minimalistic accessories to team it up. Jewelries made of terracotta, silver, oxidized metal or flowers go best with such a saree. For a more traditional occasion like wedding, it can be paired with light gold jewelries as well. Flat flip-flops to high heels- you can choose footwear according to the occasion. Women politicians on a rural trip or rally prefer platforms or low heel sandals but can wear the same saree with a high heel when attending a formal party. It is due to this versatility, Sambalpuri sarees have continued to be a favorite part of the wardrobe of political women leaders in India- both as a premium party wear and a regular outfit. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Why Indian Women Should Drape Saree in Home?

Saree is the most worn outfit in India and probably the most celebrated one in South Asia. There are certain parts in India where women wear saree all the time while in almost rest of whole India loves wearing it occasionally. It is a graceful clothing and Indian women know very well how to look best in it. There was a time in not-so-recent past, when young women did not like wearing sarees and chose salwar suit and western wears. Though salwar suits, kurta or kurti with leggings are still preferred by many as they are easy to carry and does not need draping, but in no time sarees have got back their about-to-lose glory as well. The epitome wear of Indian women has reached the international diaspora holding hands of different designers who have given the sarees a permanent position in the world's fashion map.

Indian women, who are little aged, or in interior parts of the country wear it all the time. Whether it is some outdoor errand or household work, they wear sarees. Some do so with their choice as they love wearing saree, some consider it is quite natural to wear it and some are forced to as many households do not allow grown up girls to wear anything other than sarees, especially when they are married. But everything said and done, it is a fact that if you are able to drape it properly, saree can be as comfortable as anything else.

Indian Women love to wear sarees

Except for the northern India, in most of the regions, temperature remains well above 30 degrees Celsius. Loose fitted clothings are ideal for this climate. At the same time, fabric of the clothing does matter. Jeans and other synthetic fabric are uncomfortable. This is why Indian women should drape saree in home. If you have chosen the right fabric and know to drape it properly, you will feel completely comfortable in it as you are in your pyjamas. The elder women in the families wear it all the time and never face any hassles in carrying or maintaining sarees.

Everyone, in India or abroad, will agree that women of Indian origin look best in sarees no matter what and where they are or what fabric they use. It is not because of any kind of bias towards this outfit but for the fact that it suits best them due to their physique. The body structure of Indian women are in their genes and there would be rarely any woman who would not look good in it. And with so many varieties in it, every woman has a fabric to flatter her physique. Cotton and handloom for thin, silk and chiffon for plump while heavily worked sarees for tall and slim women are recommended. And there are many more saree fabrics that can be chosen as per your body type.

Lastly, it can be said that everything depends on habit. Elder women wear it all the while and carry confidently because they have been doing so and in most of the case, they knew that there is no other option than wearing a saree. But with time they were conditioned to. If your family traditions suggest you should drape saree in home, you can do it. Walking and running in tight fitting jeans of rough fabric is difficult than loosely fit soft fabric sarees. Don't drape it with any mind block of discomfort and you can wear it with same confidence that your mother or aunt does. When you can afford to look your best in home, why leave this opportunity! So flaunt your femininity by wearing saree at home. 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

List of places in India where we can shop cheap Indian sarees

In India, women love to dress up in the best sarees for all special occasions and so there is always a great demand for cheap Indian sarees. There are many cities in India that are particularly renowned for their saree shops that offer the best products at the most affordable rates. So let’s take a look at some of the places in India where one can shop for the best Indian sarees at cheap rates.

Banaras has been the hub for enthusiastic saree buyers for many years. Any Indian bride wants to look absolutely fabulous on her wedding day, and wearing a fine Benarasi silk saree is a great way to accomplish that goal. The classic Benarasi silk saree has much to do with the culture of the ancient city as much as the skill of the artisans who meticulously work hard to create these fine pieces of garments. Known for their exquisite brocade or zari work in gold and silver threads that are woven with the best silk materials to create opulent and magnificent designs, they can make any woman look gorgeous for all occasions. Banaras also has numerous traditional saree shops from where one can get these excellent sarees in decent prices. A woman can get top quality Jangla, Tanchoi, Cutwork, Vaskat and Butidar sarees in various saree shops around Vishwanath Gali and Dashswamedh Gali.

Indian Traditional Saree Shop
Kota is traditionally famous for Doria sarees that are woven on traditional pit looms which create a fine geometric check pattern on the saree fabric. The artisans smear the yarn with a fine paste of rice and onion juice for making it strong so that it does not require any additional finishing. The best part of these sarees is that they are perfect for being worn for the summer months as they keep the body cool. Kota has always had a strong saree market and there are many areas in the city from where sarees can be bought at cheap rates. The Government Emporia and the Main Bazaar are the best places to buy sarees in Kota.  
Kolkata is a major destination of ethnic Bengali culture and the quintessential lal paar saree that is worn by women here in Bengal for many special occasions including Durga Puja. Apart from these sarees, the tant cotton saree, Vishnupuri silk and tassar silk sarees are also an essential part of the wardrobe of a Bengali woman. So if you are looking to get some nice sarees that reflect your love for ethnic beauty, then you can certainly come here and shop for the best sarees. Kolkata has many renowned saree markets and shops all throughout the city that can get you the best products at the most affordable rates. For example, you can go and visit the shops at Gariahat and M.G. Road where you will find an extensive collection of fine quality sarees. Other notable places to look for sarees include Dakshinapan Shopping Complex and the New Market area.   

Mysore is well known for its Mysore silk sarees that are known for their exquisite quality. Many women who have a strong penchant for buying top quality sarees at cheap rates come to Mysore annually for choosing their pick. Some of the best places to shop for sarees in Mysore and get good deals are Bhojayya Shilpa Silks and the State Emporium stores near KR Circle.


While Chennai has been a major place for saree lovers to buy beautiful Kanjivaram sarees, the city also offers a wide range of other sarees as well for the ardent saree buyers. There are main places in Chennai that offers cheap Indian sarees to buyers such as the shops in T. Nagar.  

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Karwa Chauth Festival celebrate by Indian Women.

Karwa chauth is a great festival which celebrate in India. Karwa chauth festival is celebrated on 30th october 2015 in India. This festival was celebrated by Indian women for her husband for long life. On that day women worship and pray to the god for their husband good health and wealth.

Karwa Chauth Thalli

On this beautiful occasion women's takes the fast full day. They will open the fast at night by seeing moon in front of their lovely husband by offering water to the moon.

On this day the married women's wear the red silk saree or lehenga choli but the new brides wear their bridal costumes. All bridal get up with decorative bangles, jwellery and bindis by matching saree to look unique.

Now in this busy days lovely husband give the special gift's through online shopping to their lovable wife's.
                            "Happy Karwa Chauth"

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Top 10 reasons young Indian women should learn to drive cars in India to help own family

Driving is a skill that many of us want to learn. Not only it is a great addition to our personal set of skills but it also allows us to take control of our lives in a great way. If you are a woman living in India, you should definitely try and learn to drive as it can greatly benefit you as a person for all your life. While there are many cars in India that are particularly suited for female drivers, learning how to drive means that you can explore a wide range of automobiles in the future as well. Knowing how to drive can not only help you in different times of your life but it can also help your family in a number of ways. So let’s take a look at the top ten reasons as to why women in India should learn to drive cars from a very early age.   

Driving is a skill that you will never forget

Learning to drive a car is very much like learning how to ride a cycle or a bike; once you master it you will never forget. While it is true that a car or a larger vehicle is somewhat more difficult to handle, once you get a license it is yours for the rest of your life. Even if you do not purchase a car within a short time, you can still use your driving skill any time you want.

It gives you an enhanced sense of freedom 

Once you learn how to drive a car, it gives you a strong sense of freedom to go anywhere you like at any given time. If you are not inclined to buy your own car, you can also hire a car or join a car club for economical and practical convenience.

Driving skill gives you an edge in many jobs

There are numerous jobs that require employees to have a driver’s license. So if you have one, it means that a number of exciting job opportunities will open up for you. Even if your current job does not require you to own a license, you might look for a job change in the future and a driving license might help you in that regard.

Women drive better than Men

Driving skills prepare you for emergencies

If you are adept at driving, then you can drive a car any time there is an emergency. So for example, if you need to visit the hospital or the nearest mall, you can do so without breaking a sweat.

Provides with better mobility in places where public transportation is less

There are numerous locations in India that are not really served well by public transportation. In those areas, having a car and knowing how to drive it is useful as it offers added mobility. 

Your driving license can serve as your photo ID

Your driving license can serve as an ID for many government and private sectors. It is not possible for everyone to carry her passport or PAN card, but most people carry their driving license with them at all times. 

Driving tests are required only one time

You need to take your driving test once only and after you have passed it; there is no need to take the test again. This means that if you learn it when you have the money and time, it serves as a practical means to your driving needs. 

Driving training helps even when you only drive a car occasionally

While you may not need to drive a car at all times, having a driver’s license can be a great thing as you may want to hire your own vehicle during holidays. You may also use your skills when you are out for a day trip with your friends and family.  

It gives you a strong sense of independence

Once you know how to drive a car, it gives you an enhanced sense of independence. You do not need to depend on your driver or some other member of your family to go somewhere and do it by yourself.

Knowing how to drive is like adding a new one to your skill set

Learning how to drive is like learning any other skill, such as photography, cooking, gardening and painting. At the end of the day, it makes you feel good and confident about yourself.  

Friday, October 23, 2015

"Sindoor Khela" is the last day of Durga Pujo which will win your hearts.

Sindoor Khela is an event of dusshera festival which celebrate by the married women's. On this day Married women's will smear the sindoor on each other by saying Happy Married Life. This Tradition was first started by the Bengali women's from 400 years ago.
                                             Happy Bijaya Dashami.
Tollywood Actress celebrate the Bijaya Dashami festival at Kolkata

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Why Indian Govt not able to impact more even having number of handloom weavers scheme?

The handloom industry in India has been intimately related to the culture and history of this country. It has gradually evolved over hundreds and thousands of years, shaping up many trends and practices of India’s day to day life. However, in the recent times, the handloom industry in this country has been facing serious challenges from a number of sectors which is making it extremely difficult for the people involved in this business to reap the rewards that they are supposed to get. New technology, competition from a global market, new trends of marketing and other factors have made things difficult for the traditional handloom weavers of India who have been practicing their ancient art very much in the same way that their ancestors used to do once.

Apart from the usual challenges to the traditional practices of handloom weaving, one of the critical issues that have surfaced in the recent times is the eagerness from a number of institutions to enhance the prospects of handloom weavers by using technology driven looms which can apparently increase their overall productivity and earnings. The real situation is that it is an attempt on the part of the power loom operators to take over the traditional handloom industry and convert the handloom production methods into new power loom-based production techniques. However, the downside to this is that it is going to extend the benefits that are currently now available to handloom weavers according to the Government of India schemes to the power loom operators. Hence it will lead to the weakening of one sector and the strengthening of the other. While it is a common knowledge that only a handful of handloom schemes are now being able to meet the needs of the weavers, the situation is going to turn even graver if this so-called conversion in power looms take place.

Indian traditional sarees by handloom weavers
The new scheme that aims to combine handloom production techniques with power loom production techniques is flawed from the very onset. The proposed method of work would include some of the processes being done by hand and the rest of them motorized. Nevertheless, the end products would still be categorized as handloom fabrics and would be eligible to receive the conventional incentives attributed to the handloom industry. However, if this actually takes place then the richness for which Indian handlooms are known will simply fall apart as it would never be possible to create handlooms that are even half as good with power loom techniques. The most serious aspect to thing whole thing is that this new way of working was never really discussed during the 12th Five Year Plan held by the Government of India to improve handicrafts and handlooms. It only came to light as some of the handlooms welfare officials came to visit the handloom weavers and were quite alarmed to find that the weavers themselves have started to protest seriously to improve the situation for their own business interests.

Many places in India where power looms were supposed to be implemented do not have adequate electricity to run the machines. In such cases, the production will never be able to reach the optimum targets by which the workers can claim remunerations. In fact, the incentive schemes for handloom weavers that is to be extended to the power loom operators is an illusion. This call for motorized production was actually a move to win over power loom lobbyists so that certain influential politicians can have their support during elections. However, the disparity between certain political heads in relation to the war between traditional handloom techniques versus power loom techniques is making it even more difficult for the Government of India to put an end to this struggle.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Nine Different Avatars Of Goddess Maa Durga.

Navratri is one of the most popular festivals all over the world. Devotees celebrate this festival by worshiping Goddess Maa Durga and various mantras.This big festival started from the Ghatastapna for nine days. Here we bring's the nine different avatars of Maa Durga.

Navratri First Day: Goddess Shailaputri
"Shailaputri" means she is the daughter of mountains. Shailaputri is the first day of Navratri which celebrate by the devotees.

Maa Shailaputri
Navratri Second day: Goddess Brahmacharini
Goddess Brahmacharini is celebrate on the second day of Navratri festival.

Maa Brahmacharini

Navratri Third Day: Goddess Chandraghanta
Goddess Chandraghanta is celebrate on the third day of Navratri festival.

Maa Chandraghanta

Navratri Fourth Day: Goddess Kushmanda
Goddess Kushmanda is the fourth avatars of maa durga. It is celebrate on the fourth day of Navratri.

Maa Khusmunda

Navratri Fifth Day: Goddess Skanda Mata
Goddess Skanda Mata is the fifth avatars of Maa Durga. It is celebrate on fifth day of Navratri.
Maa Skandamata

Navratri Sixth Day: Goddess Katyayani
Goddess Katyayani is the sixth avatars of Maa Durga. It is celebrate on the sixth day of Navratri festival.

Maa Katayayani

Navratri Seventh Day: Goddess Kalaratri
Seventh avatars of Maa Durga. It is celebrate on seventh day of Navratri.

Goddess Kalaratri

Navratri Eight Day: Goddess Mahagauri
Goddess Mahagauri is the eighth form of Goddess maa durga. It is celebrate on eighth day of Navratri.

Goddess Mahagauri

Navratri Ninth Day: Goddess Siddhidatri
Siddhidatri the ninth avatars of Goddess maa durga.It is celebrate on Ninth day of Navratri.

Goddess Siddhidatri
                                                             Happy Navratri

Friday, October 16, 2015

Which colors and designs we should buy as wedding party sarees from online collections?

Ever since the earliest times, Indians have always believed in celebrating weddings with the highest level of pomp and glory. Along with the various decorations, flowers, music and other merriments, one of the most important things that one needs to think of while attending a wedding is his or her attire. Most people in India love to look their very best when they have to attend a wedding, and the same applies for Indian women as well. Indian women traditionally love to wear sarees for wedding ceremonies and Indian saree manufacturing companies clearly understands the need of women to have stylish sarees for this special occasion.

While fashionable women are always in the habit of experimenting with different kinds of sarees and the look they create, there are also many women who want to look for the wedding parties but are not really sure as to which colors and designs would suit them best. Surely, they have got plenty of online stores to buy the sarees that they like but they still find it difficult to understand which of them would make them look great and help them to stand out in the crowd. When it comes to choosing a saree for a wedding party, the first thing that a woman needs to take into consideration is the fabric of the saree. Different types of fabrics are suited for different body types and skin complexions. It is always advisable to experiment different types of fabrics and find out which of them is more suitable for a particular woman. 

Wedding Party Wear Sarees Online Shopping
The latest wedding sarees come in a wide array of prints and colors and while this gives the women of today more options of dressing up good for a wedding party, it also leaves them in a dilemma as to which sarees are the best for them. While buying sarees, special importance must be given on the color as it can practically make or break a saree for a person. Dark colors are ideal for plus size women as they make them look slimmer and beautiful. On the other hand, slim women would look better with lighter shades or sarees that use a combination of light and dark shades. Some women have a strong affinity for design works such as zari work, embroidery work and stone work. However, not all women look great with sarees that are filled with such heavy works. A slim woman will look good in a saree that is adorned with heavy zari or embroidery. On the other hand, an overweight female would look good on a saree that comes with light work.

Moreover, women who are naturally tall would look good in sarees that come with large prints, bold colors as well as broad and heavy borders. They can also go for sarees that have large prints or even sheer sarees that come with net and lace works. Women of shorter heights should buy sarees that create an illusion of length. For them, sarees with short borders, light colors and vertical prints are going to be ideal choice. While taller women would look good in cotton sarees, pure silk sarees and raw silk sarees, shorter women will look amazing in georgette, chiffon, silk and shimmer sarees. There are currently many ecommerce stores in India that offer top quality wedding party sarees online. So it would not be difficult for a woman of today to find the sarees that suit them best. All a woman needs to do is to know which sarees, designs, colors and prints would suit her perfectly and will make her look stunningly beautiful for a wedding occasion.  

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Nine colors of sarees to wear in this Navratri festival 2015.

Navratri is a big festival which dedicated to the Hindu goddess "Maa Durga". The word Navaratri means nine night's and during this nine night's "Maa Durga" worship in nine forms. The tenth day is called "Vijayadasami". According to Hindu Calendar, Navratri puja starts from the beginning of the first fortnight of Ashwin and at the end of rainy season.

Maa Durga
The festival celebrates all over India with purity and great devotion. Peoples from various sections comes to celebrate this festival by visiting temples and offer puja at mother's feet. Many peoples fast for the first and last day, while other's fast for nine days.

Every year on Navratri devotees are too much excited to know the nine forms of "Maa Durga" and the nine colors of traditional wear by the devotees as well as  the deity Maa Durga.

-On first day Ghatasthapna- The devotees wear the traditional yellow saris.
-On second day Dwitiya- Devotees wear the green color sarees or lehenga choli.
-On Third day Tritiya- Devotees wear the grey color.
-On fourth day Chaturthi- Devotees wear the orange color.
-On Fifth day panchami- Devotees wear the white silk sarees.
-On Sixth day Shasti- Women's are supposed to wear Red color saree.
-On Seventh day Saptami- Peoples wear the blue color
-On Eighth day Astami- Devotees loves to wear pink color silk saree on astami day.
-On Ninth Day Navami- Women's wear the Purple color saree.

So for nine days every peoples celebrate with great fun and enthusiasm.
                     Happy Navratri

Monday, October 12, 2015

How Indian fashion influenced by Bollywood styles from independence to 21st century

India is an ancient country whose clothing traditions go back thousands of years. The culture of this country was inspired since the earliest days by the beliefs and practices of Hindu religion and it also shaped up the trends of clothing that were worn by the men and women who were a part of this culture. However, while it is true that the clothing practices of this country goes back to thousands of years, the fashion industry of India is relatively new and dates back to only a few decades. Over the years, Indian fashion and Bollywood sense of style has grown hand in hand, with each intimately influencing the other.

Ever since the earliest times, India had a rich handloom textile industry that shaped up the clothing trends of this country. The textiles of India are appropriate for the country’s tropical climate. The artisans of this country have played a major role in developing the different types of distinct clothing styles that have their roots in the various regions of India. For the longest time, Indian fashion referred to the handloom industry and the products that were developed by the artisans who worked in different parts of India. However, an organized fashion industry has now developed in India thanks to the tireless efforts of many independent-minded fashion designers who have helped to develop a signature identity of Indian fashion.

Fashionable Sarees available for online shopping
Looking back to the early post independence days, one can find that the mainstay of Indian fashion was the traditional garments such as dhoti, sari, ghagra choli and salwar kameez. During this time, India still didn’t have any distinct fashion identity, except that the clothing items were still heavily influenced by the work of traditional artisans and lacked individual interpretation as is the norm with the current fashion garments. A distinct aspect of traditional Indian fashion was embroidery works that adorned many garments and enhanced their value tremendously. It was during the 60s when certain fashion designers in India started to work with the traditional artwork and embroidery styles and started to redefine them in their own way in their designs while at the same time maintaining their original beauty.

A new form of Indian fashion inspired by the design elements of the west came into vogue during this time. Some fashion designers started to focus specifically on these western elements while designing their collections. There were also those who developed their unique styles by combining both eastern and western elements, and fusion fashion came into being. Ethnic inspired fashion, on the other hand, began to gain prominence on the runways. With time, the rising fashion designers in India started to design clothing specifically for the Bollywood industry. The movies that are made in Bollywood have always been known to explore a wide range of themes. Consequently, the clothes worn by the characters in the movies help them to create the appropriate image for their roles. Fashion designers in India designed mainly three forms of clothing items for Bollywood films; one form focuses particularly on western outfits, the second form is primarily ethnic and the third form is a fusion of the two.

Over the years, Indian fashion has been intimately related to the Bollywood film industry, so much so that most men and women in this country prefer buying clothing items that are worn by their screen idols. This has significantly influenced fashion trends in this country and the way the people in India think about clothing. As the fashion industry in India grows further, we can expect much more intimate collaboration between the two and new trends developing through it.