Sunday, April 20, 2014

Yellow is the hottest color in summer season.

The pastel yellow color, mustard color and sunflower yellow color shades the hottest color in summer season. Yellow is the color of sunshine which gives the joy, happiness and energy. After a long winter you decorate the wardrobe with the beautiful light color Indian clothing. Yellow color always symbolize the cheerful, bright and promise for a positive future. It always brings the smile in your face and give the perfect outfit.
South Actress wear the traditional silk saree
On summer it's time to give a bright look with the sunshine because yellow color always gives the freshness and joy. For today's fashion you prefer to wear the yellow kurti, yellow salwar kameez, cotton saree, traditional silk saree and the other acessories in the sunny to look your fashion best.
Lord Jagannath always sit on the yellow rath called ' Nandighosh'
In India on wedding time the bride have to wear the traditional silk saree of yellow color. Yellow color gives the happiness and cheerfulness. On mehendi function the bride also wear the yellow color saree or salwar suit. Yellow and red color saree always wear in Indian function. The color captures more attention than any other color. On any fuction or party if you wear the traditional silk saree gives the perfect look in crowdy place. Yellow color can be worn in all ocassions be it casual or formal. You buy the traditional silk saree of yellow color by online shopping or by going to shop outside. In India various types of online shopping is there. In odisha Lord Jagannath always wear the yellow pure traditional silk saree called khandua pata because yellow gives the pure and bright. On Car festival the Lord Jagannath car decorated with the yellow silk clothes.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Different types of Traditional Saree in India

Saree is the six yards which is weaved with the threads of tradition and culture of India. Indian sarees are becoming more fashionable in todays period. In India every type of handloom saree are always famous.There are two types of fabric in India like silk and cotton. Within these two there are various types of indian sarees .

Actress Asin wear the traditional saree of kerela,

Every state has it's own style of silk and
cotton saree with various designs. 
For example:

Kanjeevaram: This is the famous bridal saree of South Indian. The saree have vibrant colors with temple borders.

Dhakai: This is the pure cotton saree which weaved in Bangladesh.

Paithani: Paithani is the famous saree of Maharastra.

Sambalpuri: This saree available in both silk and cotton fabrics. Sambalpuri saree available in Sambalpur.

Pattu saree: Pattu sarees are white in color and have golden borders . The saree available in Kerela.

Assam Silk: Assam is famous for producing the famous silk in India.

Various type of tradition saree of India

Banarasi saree: Banarasi saree is the bridal saree of North India. The saree are famous for it's color and texture.

Pochampally: It is a pure cotton saree.

Chanderi:  Chanderi silk is famous in Madhya Pradesh for it's elegant work.

Bomkai: Bomkai saree available in both silk and cotton saree from the small village of Odisha.

Tant: Tant saree is famous in West Bengal. This saree have much starch and beautiful work.

Kotki: Kotki saree are famous in odisha. It is made in both fabrics.

Pasapalli: Pasapalli saree are famous in odisha with it's beautiful check works on whole body.

Khandua silk saree: Khandua is a silk saree which worn to Lord Jagannath. It is a pure silk.

From online shopping you can get the vareity  of saree.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Traditional Green Silk Saree is the stylish way.

Green is the color of growth and the color of spring which gives the rebirth to the surrounding. Green color always symbolize the well being and self respect. Green is the most restful color which always gives the peace in mind. Now a days green color sari is going in stylish way.

Traditional green silk saree

On Maharashtra the traditional green silk saree and green color bangles worn by the brides on her marriage day. The green saree and bangles symbolize the color of new life, creativity and rejuvenation. The married women wears the green saree and bangles in every occasions.

Tamil Actress wear the traditional silk saree with green bangles 

Green is the traditional avatar in the new age.The women's love to wear the sari, lehenga, half saree, kurti , salwar kameez in green color and grap the attention of one and all. Either the saree is silk, cotton or net, when you wear the green saree with right acessories looks amazing.Green embroidary saree gives the breathtaking looks wherever you wear it any function.You can buy the traditional saree of various designs through online shopping from your home. You will get more time to discuss about your function. Online shopping helps the people in the busy life.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Traditional Handloom saree gives the simple look to your wardrobe.

In India there is a great demand for the traditional handloom clothing wheather you are from india or from other country. In India various types of traditional saree are available, and you have to decide which type of clothes you want to feel comfort. Saree is the most important option when it comes to the traditional clothing.There are various designs of saree which you can buy and try to look different in each design saree.
Vidya balan wears the traditional ikkat saree 

In India weavers design the traditional saree in various style with elegance designs. When you buy the saree it gives the simple look and reflect the symbol of elegance. The gorgeous, stylish and elegance only you can find by wearing the saree not in any other Indian clothing. People in india wear different types of clothing but saree is the best option to look beautiful.
Decorate the saree in your wardrobe 

Through online shopping if you buy the traditional saree from different regions of india, it gives the simple look to your wardrobe and gorgeous. You can wear different types of saree from your wardrobe in different ocassions. Do not forget to wear the sarees with matching jwellery and other acessories to look charm in the crowdy place. The simple look always attract the people in crowdy area. Therefore try to buy the different types of saree through online shopping and collect the best saree in your own wardrobe and feel different from others. Now a days the weavers try weaves the saree in different designs which gives the saree a different look.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jhoti chita muruja designs of Odisha

Odisha art and culture stands tall today even in modern culture of 21st century. We odia still believe in our old traditions.

During Festivals and Puja's still in most of the odia home, we can find jhoti designs painted in and out of home. This looks good and feel awesome. Mostly these motifs looks perfect on muddy walls of old house in villages where beautiful women's wake up early on each festivals, take bath and wear the new saree purchased from local market or any of the online shopping shop in india and draw these unique patterns which we called chita , jhoti. We use muruja to design them.

Shrestha Odiani contestants work on jhotis in Bhubaneswar. Telegraph picture

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Shopping in Puri

Every year thousand's of people come from the entire world to visit puri . Puri is famous for the Lord jagannath temple. The city have a beautiful beach, temples and great shopping place.

sand art of lord jagannath

 On puri you can find the varieties of  handicrafts items, brass materials, shell products, handloom products, patta chitra , bangles and palm leaf articles. In puri these items are available in plenty at the lively and colourful shopping place.

Shopping of  chandua in puri

Odisha is full of tradition and culture. On beach side you can find the shell products and shell bangles in different styles. The craftsman put the handicrafts items that make a wonderful showpiece in the beach. Varieties of utensils and brass materials found on the beach in reachable price. These lovely items decorate the shopping place in puri.

Stone works and silver works are the favourite products for shopping in puri. If you are shopping mind don't exquisite the beautiful products. In puri you can find every products from all over odisha. Odisha is famous for it's handloom fabrics all over the world. You can get the beautiful pasapalli saree, silk saree, bomkai saree in rachable price. If you want to decorate your home then buy the beautiful patta chitra and the palm leaf articles which give your home a charm look.
Shell products in puri

Shopping in puri is most intresting place for silver filigree, horn work, and applique work like chandua and several handloom applique bags. It is the most colorful shoping place in India. Try to visit puri and shop the several items in reachable price.

Surat - Saree Shopping | Online Shopping | Textile | India

Surat is known a  hub for textile market in india. This city is present at a distance of 262 KM from the modern techno city of Gujarat for which Mr Narendra Modi is getting famous day by day. People of indian believing him as a change maker but all can be see once 2014 election over and decisions made by indian voters.

Gujarat  state developed a lot in last few decade and tourism of this state attracts more and more visitors each year. We have few notable places to see here around the textile hub.

Places to see around surat:

  • Nau Saiyyed Mosque
  • Mirza Sami Mosque
  • Dandi
  • Castle
  • Colonial Tombs
  • British Factory
  • Navsari
  • Udvada
  • Sanjan

Saree, clothing and Jewellery Shopping in Surat:
Surat is a hub for clothing, sarees, exporter, importers and have number of textile mills around it. Gold and silver, kinkhab, wood and ivory design work are world famous in Surat. 

Textile Market in India. Image: CNN
Indian Silk weaving industry here produce Tanchoi and Ganjee Saris. If you are going for shopping here, do not forget to buy Diamond cutting for your loved ones in family.

In modern age technology help us a lot even in shopping, now a days people started moving from traditional shopping to online shopping, it is going high and surat also taking advantage of it by setting up online shopping sites for sarees, clothing, mobiles, crafts, art, painting, furnitures and many more. We can see a better india if all states of our country follow good path of gujrat.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Chandrabhaga Beach is a tourist place in odisha

Chandrabhaga Beach is located in coastal village of chandrabhaga in puri district of odisha. It is situated on Bay of Bengal, with  a distance of 3km from the world heritage site the sun temple. It is finest beaches in eastern coast of India.

Chandrabhaga beach got it's name from the river chandrabhaga which once flow through the precincts of the konark temple. From the past it is beleived that lord surya blessed the river with medicinal way and named it's chandrabhaga. People beleived that a dip in river chandrabhaga can cure leprosy. Due to mythology Prince sambha the son of lord krishna was cured of leprosy by lord surya on the river mouth of chandrabhaga.People wear the new clothes like cotton or silk saree for the purity and worship to lord surya for well wishes of their family. Several people give the dhoti and towel to the pandit for worship lord surya. Now a days the river chandrabhaga reduces it's volume today.

Fair held in magha saptami

On magha saptami the people of odisha comes to this place to take a holy dip on the river chandrabhaga and give the worship to lord surya. On chandrabhaga beach seven day fair to honour lord surya.On this fair you can buy every types of product in perfect price. Chandrabhaga beach plays an important role in tradition and culture of odisha. It witnessed the beautiful sunset and  sunrise of the sun temple of konark.

Real view of chandrabhaga beach

Chanrabhaga beach is well known tourist destination in odisha. You can reach to chandrabhagha beach by road . Through rail you have to reach puri and from puri it is 31km to reach chandrabhaga beach. The nearest airport is bhubaneswar. The beach can be visited round the year. Try to visit the chandrabhaga beach and the world heritage site the konark temple.

Indian fashion designer

Fashion designing is not a easy task, you have to devote more than your working hours to have a complete design of sarees, dresses, etc. 

Most of odisha and indian designer working for bollywood, or started their own venture in/ out india to showcase their talent.

Let's make a collections of these artists.

List of Designers

  • Pritam Panda
  • Bibhu Mohapatra
  • Sujit Meher
  • Manish Malhotra
  • Daisy Sinha
  • Suneet Varma

Importance of shadi or marriage for indian girls

Importance of shadi or marriage for indian girls is one of the top in the priority list before few years. But as time changing, girls getting them self education, freedom and engaged in some of the desired job or self employment before thinking about marriage.

Now even parents do not force them getting married in young age and give them enough freedom to choose the right time. In Modern indian or indian girls living in metros age of marriage/ shadi move some where around 30 to 40 years. We ask many of them and the reason behind this change is self employment or till they think they are settled.

Is there any amout of money or age you think a person can say, I am settled? 
It is different for each person. correct?

Marriage/ Shadi /jail

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Odisha Traditional Saree in Online Shopping

Odisha is a famous place in India for traditional handlooms. The traditional handloom saree are fashionable and highly in demand . There are different varieties of handloom sarees in odisha like Berhampuri , Vichitrapuri, Pasapalli, Khandua, Bapta and sonepur saree

Sambalpuri ikat saree

These type of saree is known as sambalpuri ikat or sambalpuri cotton saree. These fabrics you can find in both cotton and silk. Sambalpuri saree are well known for it's unique motif designs in pallu . These acessories are first wear by our former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi started to wear the saree . In 1980 the sambalpuri saree famous in India.

Unique collection of sambalpuri saree
 Now a days the fabric is too much demand in whole world for it's graceful looks with eye catching colors and designs. We have the best collection of silk and cotton sarees with reachable price . You can buy the traditional saree by sitting in your home . Online shopping helps the people by giving gift to the near and dear ones. Through online shopping you save the time.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Chennai silks online shopping

Chennai folks love shopping and odisha saree is on  top of the choice of womens around it. We have many customers who love to shop from us silks sarees through online shopping.

We offer best deals and coupon to regular customer and it help them to get a good discount on buying them. 

Traditional and Stylish Saree perfect for all ocassions.

Stylish sarees are always favourite for all women in any ocassions. Big border and heavy embroidery gives the traditional touch to the six yards and give the stylish and classic look.

Traditional saree wear by vidya balan

Now a days the bridal loves to wear the stylish saree in new fabrics. But in every place the traditional saree most be wear in wedding. Today's fashion for women is to wear the exclusive designs with traditional touch. Sarees have their own charm no western wear can be overshadow . If you drape the saree nicely you can turns all heads around you. It always defines your beauty and graceful looks. In any ocassion if you want to attract people towards you then try to wear a  tratidional saree. This will help you to stand people around you.

Stylish saree wear in award function

 Sarees are always perfect to wear in any ocassion, you won't look odd and under dressed. Even celebrity loves to wear the traditional sarees in every award function or in fashion ramp. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Daringbadi is known as "Kashmir of Odisha"

Daringbadi is the hill station in eastern odisha of Indian state. That's way it's name is "Kashmir of Odisha". Daringbadi is situated at the height of 915 m in kandhamal district.

 Daringbadi is the most beautiful place with thick rain forest and wild animals.
In summer this is the best resort. This place is full of pine jungles, coffee gardens and beautiful valleys.

Natural beauty of daringbadi
Visiting place at Daringbadi

Coffee Plantation: In Daringbadi coffee plantation and black pepper plantation maintained by the forest department of daringbadi. People come to these place for picnic and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Doluri River: Doluri River is full of natural beauty with small falls.

Putudi Water Falls: It is the most beautiful water fall in odisha. It is situated at the distance of 15km from the place of phulbani.

Belghar Sanctuary: The tropical dence forest of belghar sanctuary is located at a distance of 150 kilometers from phulbani. The thick forest is the home of animals and plants. The visitors come to these places to see the most attracting wooden bungalow in belghar sanctuary.

Coffee plantation of  daringbadi

To reach Daringbadi by

Rail:  There are no train lines to daringbadi. The nearest railway station is     

Taxi: The easiest way to book a taxi from berhampur or any other place.

Bus:  From berhampur to daringbadi the local bus run daily.

Try to visit the "kashmir of Odisha" in summer vacation. 

New saree designs 2014 now available for Online Shopping

Our Store added New designs 2014. Now there are many new products with variety of motifs. We suggest you to buy handloom sarees, khandua, shirt, home decor from our store before it sell out. For Bulk Purchase call us or email us before buy through online shopping

Saree Shopping
Cotton Saree Online Shopping in India

Chandi Mandir - Brajrajnagar - Odisha - A Temple which you should Visit

Brajrajnagar is an industrial town in Jharsuguda District of Odisha. This Place known for Coal Mines and Paper Mills. Now as wetern orissa is a developed area, this city is also rising.

The Polution level here is high due to neearby industries. Buy apart from all we have a beautiful temple on river side which is one of a kind. We have to go down with the help of a ladder to see Devi Chandi maa who resides in a Cave. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Style of Shopping For Women

Shopping is the most precious part in every women life. When women in love mood or in stress they love to shop for relax. From previous period every one knows the women loves to shop by going outside or by online shopping through website.

There are several types of women for shopping like

  • Sale Lover: Mostly women wait to shop at the time of sale. They go to showroom , shopping malls and several shop where the sale is going on. This type of women loves to buy several products like saree, kurti, and make up products. Women thought that at the time of sale if you buy any products you can save too money.
  • Brand conscious: This type of women only give the importance to the Brand name. The women follows the latest brand and the quality. They always wants the best and best products.

women's shopping on the showroom

  • Bargaining: In case of bargaining the women's got the first position from men. This type of women go to 10 shops to buy the product of his choice.
  • Shopping Mania: This type of women when feel stress or tired they go to shop for buy any type of products either it is used or unused. This type of women try to buy the products from online shopping.

Online shopping

Whether the women in high status or low status they have to shop any products of his choice to feel good and happy.

Top Ten Online Shopping Sites in India

Indian consumers started accepting online shopping as a medium of shopping throughout our country. It helps new and younger entrepreneurs set up online shopping sites in India. As the predictions going in this will be going to be the next big industry within few year which will generate income source for Indian youths.

There are many online shops available in India in different categories from which few of them are main market players.

Top Ten Ecommerce Online Shopping Store in India are:

  • HomeShop18

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tribute to All Women we met in our Life

I Love You in all Roles: Please be with Me in All Situations.

Love this Video and You all must see it.

Best Places to visit in Cuttack

Cuttack is Our Old Capital and have many beautiful visiting places. The best time to be here is during Durga Puja, you can enjoy the festival and the old city.

Cuttack is more famous politically because of here, we have high court of orissa, Barabati stadium, ravenshaw college, and many old institute. Most of them are being shifted one by one to new capital Bhubaneswar even after strong opposition from locals.

Barabati Stadium, Cuttack, Odisha

Here are few Places to See in Cuttack Town:

  • Barabati Stadium - The Only International Cricket Ground in Odisha
  • Mahanadi River - The Biggest river in our state
  • Chandi Mandir - Our main temple devoted to Devi Chandi Maa
  • Ravenshaw College - Oldest college in Cuttack
  • High Court - The Beauty of the Building which show old architecture
  • Durga Puja
  • Dahi Bara Aloo Dam - Famous tiffin (Street food) 
  • Indoor Stadium
  • Barabati Fort
  • Bali Yatra
  • Television Center (DD's oldest studio)
  • All India Radio (The Golden Old Period of music)
  • Netaji Birth Place

Monday, April 7, 2014

Promoting Indian handicrafts through Online Shopping

Odisha is famous for handloom sarees, odissi dance, sand art but there are few more handicraft product you must have in your home. These art pieces made by talented artist all from different part of our state.

Odisha govt trying hard to keep these art but that are not sufficient to keep and promote them. The real hero behind these art are still surviving in difficulties or not able to feed their family with their earning.

Pipili Chandua

Let's put a list of item you may not aware of being made in Odisha.

  • Dhokra
  • Patachitra
  • Horn Work
  • Tarakasi
  • Palm Leaf Art
  • Lac Toys
  • Chadua

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Saptasajya - Dhenkanal - Odisha - Famous Tourist Place

Saptasajya is one of the picnic spot near dhenkanal town. This beautiful place located at a distance of 10 Km from the town.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Top 7 Places to see in Mumbai for Shopping

Mumbai is the heart of fashion club in India, due to all of the major Bollywood celebrities living here. Mumbai or old Bombay is a called "Sapno ka sahar" for all youngsters. Most of the boys and girls come here to be a celebrity or generate income for their family.

Here you can see all high street fashion clothing and will feel life of a metro. Here no one have time for anyone still life going on smooth and it was told by many Mumbaikar, if you fall in love with this city, you can not think of living it anymore.

If you travelling for the first time, you have number of places to see and enjoy with your friends and family, like beaches, night club, ambani house, amitabh's villa, taj hotel to see where we got the attack and many more. Do not for get to shop your fashion clothing and accessories here as this place is having a lovely collection whether jeans, silk sarees, dupatta, bags, purses, frocks, night wear and daily wear tops and chudidars. 

Online Shopping is better options for searching for your necessities but in India still people think of buying from traditional shops because of easy return and main reason they can feel the product before purchase. People enjoy shopping with family and this place better than other cities for purchase. If you want you can hire a shopping assistance for your help during your stay in Bombay, which you can find online. 

Please book your hotel and tickets online to be safe and live in a better location in the city.

Top Ten Places to shop are:

  • Chor Bazaar
  • Fashion Street
  • Crawford Market
  • Mangaldas Market
  • Zaveri Bazaar
  • Andheri
  • Kurla

6 Yards of unstiched cloth Sari

Sambalpuri sari are handloom sari which weaved in silk or cotton in western odisha. The sari have their original crafts called Bandha which refers to tying and dyeing process to make the designs. The design is conceptualized and yarns are finally tied to the design patterns to prevent  absorption of the dyes and then dyed.This difficult process is called Bandha. The main features of the saree is that the designs get reflected on both sides.

Latest collection of sambalpuri saree

The saree have the wide borders and  very long end pieces. Various designs are done on the saree like kumha, turtle, lotus flower, shell and the godess laxmi pada(feet) are woven into the fabric. Some times animal motifs are decorated on the border and pallu.

 Now a days the weavers make the new design like the portrait, human being , flower pots, and various animals like deer, elephant ,swan and peacock. Sambalpuri silk saree available in odisha with single and double ikkat. The ikkat and the patolas of gujurat saree have fine texture and eyecathing color and decorated with different forms which is related to odisha ikkat.

Beautiful pasapalli saree of western odisha

 Sambalpuri saree of  sonepur, balangir, patnagad, barpali have so many demand in the new fashion. Most of the saree name are according to the origin of place. Today's people buy the beautiful ikkat saree through online shopping.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Mahabaleshwar - Summer Holi Day Home

Mahabaleshwar is known as the summer holiday of india. This City is located in Maharashtra's satara district.

This one of the green forest famous in Indian tourism map. It is located in the height of above 1500 metres of sea level, which is located 120 km from Pune and 285 Km from Mumbai. Mahabaleshwar also famous for Sunrise point. It is the source of river krishna which flows in AP, Karnataka and Maharastra state of india.

India Tourism is continuously trying to save and promote this place and has many low budget resorts, hotels here for your stay. The Nearest main city is Satara where you can find all necessary items you want for your stay even if those can be available to you at this place. Nearest Railway Station in also Satara or you can take route by Pune which is a major junction.

Nearest airport is Pune, which is 120 Km from Mahabaleshwar.

Below is the Song from Rab de banadi jodi which was shoot at Mahabaleswar.


Famous Place to See here are:
  • Venna Lake
  • Arthur's Seat
  • Kate's Point
  • Needle Hole/ Elephant Point
  • Wilson Point
  • 3 Monkey Point

Designs in Indian Handloom Sari.

The designs of Indian handloom sari have a broad range of variety as different  place have their own style and cultural background. As to depend on this the fabric of sari is highly structured and the designs are unique to each product.

saree with pasapalli border and aanchal

  Designs of handloom indian sari are divided into three parts they are the border, the aanchal(end piece) and the body of saree. The designs and the patterns of saree are made for the specific colors and motifs for their regional and community specific. Motifs in indian handloom saree have derived from the natural products and the temple architectures, painting and literatures.

Silk saree with heavy aanchal and border of odisha

Most of the places even in town or village they have their own traditional borders. In some places like west bengal weavers is  famous for its specific designs because the width of borders gives the present look to the fashion. In mysore the sari border is made of golden threads and it give the charming look  to the saree. In odisha the saree border are made of natural motifs like fish, peacock, konark wheel. The costly saree have larger and more elaborate pallu. The saree body is made according to the region.

The designs of indian handloom saree have reach to the modern market. Now a days people buy any types of handloom products through online shopping. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Today's Sambalpuri Style is world famous.

Today's sambalpuri saree style is world famous. The word sambalpuri ring a bell in the ear of every Indian women. Sambalpuri is also called by new term ikat, pata or pasapali. 

Sambalpuri saris available in both cotton and silk. Cotton sarees are comfortable in Indian hot weather condition because this breath well. Silk designs are eye catching, which most of the beautiful women wear in wedding parties. 

From history in few news sites we found sambalpuri sari was hit among famous personality in india. In past Late Mrs Indira Gandhi know as brand ambassador of these clothes. Now it is also famous with women like Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, news reporters in Television, Bachan family and many more in the long list.

Sambalpuri fabrics recently got some new looks and designs with the help of famous designers like Bibhu Mahapatra, Pritam Panda and Sujit Meher. With the help of Odisha Govt they are doing different projects to enhance the beauty of our fabric and made clothes like sarees, salwar suits, dupatta, kurta, kurti, bags, purses and other fashion clothing for both Men and women which are now available in many online shopping store all over world.

Sambalpuri sari always give women a classic trendy and hot look. This fabric designed and colored by hand of weavers and they guarantee the color will never fade.
Each time wash a sambalpuri saree, this gives us more shining color. These classic piece of 9 yard sarees handwoven by master artists by Tye and Dye Method or many places called IKAT designs.

These saree usually comes with motifs which reflect india and its tradition like temple art designs. But there are also other art like indian symbols lotus, peacock, butterfly and many animals like elephant, deer etc.

Sambalpuri is the latest fashion among women around the world and this is a highly demand-able clothes in western countries like USA, Canada, Singapore, paris, china and also famous for few famous Odissi dancer in Japan. You can keep this in your wardrobe among your unique collection which is affordable in among other costly sarees like banarasi, kasava and kanjeebaram. Now as Online shopping is getting famous, anyone can buy anything from anywhere in the world and get it delivered to their home within few hours. So why are you waiting get your sambalpuri saree delivered to your door and be a proud owner of this rare art.

Roles of indian house wife

In India ladies respected and loved by our society from ancient times but from last few years some of the places are not safe for women.

Indian women need to be more courageous and brave in all situations. They should take whatever good opportunity came in their way in life.

Now as Indian growing in all areas of interest, which can beat world by economy if we ladies or house wife take something up. We can generate income for needy job seekers in many ways.

World know how beautiful we are and how we maintain life in a men dominated world.

Still we are not behind of men in any fields whether in Software, Bank, Army, Medical, Police, Admin, we are best in each field.

Still We are neglected because of gender issue in India. We request all beautiful women and girls reading our article, please stand tall at your feet.

Now You can start any small business to help your family and you. Women have many roles. She can be daughter, wife, mother, sister, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, etc.

Apart from that you can be independent. You can take business or profession which suit you and your time.

Few are listed Below:

  • Dress Designer
  • Start a Play School (if you are a child lover)
  • Small Restaurant
  • Coffee Shop
  • Ladies Salon
  • Tailoring
  • Social Organization (Need a Group of like minded women) 
  • Ladies Garment Store

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Free Shipping For Online Shopping Sites

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  • Sambalpuri sari
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  • Salwar Pieces
  • Many more indian sarees and clothing

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Sambalpuri Ikat Cotton Pasapali sarees online

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Chaitra Navratri Festival To All

Navratri the nine day puja ceremony is begin from march 31st and continue to Aapril 8th. It starts from the first day of hindu month known as Chaitra and ends with Ramnavami puja , the birth of Lord Rama.

Ghatastapna for the nine days

Navratri is the festival of dance, color ,music and happiness in the life. It is the most religious festival in India. In a year the navratri puja comes four times. But the most important navratri puja held in India with the month of October that is called Sharadiya Navratri. It lasts for nine days and during this period the people worship to "Godess Maa Durga".

Maa Durga is the divine mother of whole universe and she always give the power, beauty, patience, and Intelligence to all devotees. She is the protecter from the evil. She is the shakti and the infinite power of all universe.

Maa Durga

For navratri every people wear the new dress and the women's wear the cotton saree or silk saree to worship the Maa Durga. The young girls prefer to wear the saree for the nine days with lots of happinness and perform the different types of traditional dance. Several people buy the unique saree by online shopping or go to the market place. Mostly people give the  traditional silk saree to Maa Durga to wear for the nine days and pray for their family to keep protect from all evils.
Happy Chaitra Navratri Festival To All.

Monday, March 31, 2014


Gudi Padwa is the marathi name which celebrated on the first day of chaitra month to mark the New Year beginning according to Hindu Calender. Gudi Padwa is celebrated in the Indian States of Maharasta.

Happy gudi padwa

According to religious the Lord Brahma created the world after the deluge and thus the time began to tick onwards.

On this day the hindu people decorate their house by making the rangoli designs on their main house entrance with bright colors to symbolize the starting of spring season.

Women's celebrate the gudi padwa with lots of hapiness

People try to dress in new pairs on this day and special women's dress up with new tradition silk saree and lots of jwellery.They prepare the traditional food which varies to culture. The people starts the festival by eating the neem buds and flowers. On gudi padwa the people give the gift to each other with lots of love. Several people buy the gifts through online shopping for their lovable person.From this day Navratri festival is beginning.

Happy Gudi Padwa and Happy Navratri puja to all.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Shopping in Jaipur

Jaipur is known as the pink city of India. Jaipur is the capital and largest city of the Indian State of Rajasthan in Northern India. Jaipur is the main tourist place in India. It was ranked as 7th best place to visit in Asia. 

Pink City Jaipur

Jaipur has a wide range of handicrafts  which are available in the market but the city is most important for the cutting and polishing precious stones and diamonds. Jewelries, exotic blue pottery, block printed textiles of Sanganer and Bagru , tie and die fabrics, and mojari  are the most shopping item's of  jaipur. Blue pottery and Kundan jwellery are the word famous and the endless list of shopping items. Jaipur fabrics attracts many tourist in the market.
 There are many markets in jaipur which have their own specialties in each item.

Famous Markets in Jaipur.

.Johari Bazar: Johari Bazar is famous for it's eye catching kundan jwellery. The market is populated for the silversmith shops. You can also buy traditional tie and dye fabrics from here.

.Bapu Bazar and Neheru Bazar: The market is famous for it's shoes and perfumes.

.Kishanpol Bazar: It is well known for it's tie and dye textiles.

.Maniharon ka rasta:  Famous for buying the beautiful lac bangles.

.Sanganer Village: Famous for hand made paper and blue poterry.

.Tripolia Bazar: Famous for it's utensils and ironware.

The famous Blue Poterry of jaipur

People of jaipur love to wear the bandhani work(traditional rajasthan tie and dye). Now a days the women's wear the saree , salwar kameez and western dress in the urban cities but in rural the women's wear the ghaghara and the beautiful workable blouse with red or yellow color duppata. Some people wear the tradition dress at functions and festivals. People prefer online shopping now a days. Visit to the pink city. You can buy the particular item from the particular market would help you for shopping in the Pink city.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Mysore city famouss for traditional silk saree.

Mysore is the city in the state of Karnataka, India. Mysore is known as cultural capital  of Karnataka. Mysore is famous for it's silk saree called Mysore silk saree and it is popular for the painting  called Mysore painting.

Mysore silk saree 

The female wear a saree or salwar kameez for outdoors and mostly women wear saree or gown in the indoors, the gent's wear lungi at home and for outdoor they wear shirt and pant. For any ocassions the female wear the traditional silk saree with heavy gold jwellery.
Mysore is the home of Indian feminine wear like the traditional mysore silk saree. The saree is made of pure silk and 100% pure gold Zari( golden color thread). The saree is manufactured in silk factory which is located in Mysore city.

In mysore there are so many visiting places like
- Ambavilas Palace
- Jaganmohan Palace
- Jayalakshmi vilas Mansion
- Lalitha Mahal
- Rajendra Vilas
- Cheluvamba Mansion

Mysore is famous for it's traditional form of painting called Mysore painting.
The main festival of Mysore is Nadahabba which is called as Navaratri. The Navaratri  puja held in the Chamundi temple which is located on the top of Chamundi hill at mysore. Visit the silk city.
Chamundi Temple of Mysore