Sunday, August 2, 2015

Shravan The Holiest month of the year.

The Month of shravan is specially dedicated as a day of Lord Shiva. Month of sharavan falls in between the month of july to august.
Due to mythological, the story was about the rain time of samudra manthan. During this month Lord shiva swallow all poison, which come out at the time of samudra manthan. At that time the Rain God Lord Indra give the instruction to rain and other god's poured milk, curd, honey to cool and mitigate the effect's of poison.Then onwards this month was dedicated for Lord shiva.

 Lord Shiva was worshipped by offering Belpatra,milk,curd and honey. In Odisha there are so many Lord Shiva temple but Lingaraj Temple was famous . People from several places comes to the temple on the shravan month to worship Lord Shiva.By offering milk, honey, curd symbolize the clean of our body in this moonsoon season because every people take fasting on that day.

During the month of shravan many people refrain themselves to eat onion, garlic amd non veg food to clean their body.Many people observe fasting for the special day(monday) called "Shravan Shomvar".On that time women's prefer to wear white cotton sarees for purity and pray the Lord Shiva Chalisha or by praying "Om Namaha Shivaya".

On this shravan month many peoples wear the saffron color outfit for visiting temples. They are called Kanwariya, they take the  holy water  and walk a long distance to pour the waters on Lord Shiva by praying " OM NAMAHA SHIVAYA".


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Shraddha Kapoor wear the Simple White with red cotton sarees.

Every one knows Shraddha has a super sucessful actress in 2013 for Aashiqui 2. The pretty actress made number of hits movie like Haider, Ek Villian in the last year and the latest movie ABCD 2.

In so many movies shraddha carries the saris and looks pretty and cute. She wears the creamy complexion cotton saree with golden border with red edges. She looks too gorgeous in this traditional saree. The blouse have red edges with benarasi embroidery all over the body.

The main point of this traditional outfit is jwellery, she wears the kundan jwellery set in neckpiece, matching earing's, and maangtika. Without bangles the look will be dull , she wears the Golden  and red color bangles and a bun with flowers and bindi which give the complete look. She Looks like a diva by wearing this traditional saree.
You can purchase this saree through various onlineshop or from traditional shop.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Choose Right Saree which suitable for your age.

Sarees is for every women either she is a professional, housewives, teacher etc. Sareez is made for only women.
Sari cannot give you the wrong figure but you have to choose the right saree , color for your age.

1. If you are below 40 you can choose various design saree or traditional silk sareez, cotton saris, Georgette silk to look gorgeous and beautiful.

2. If you are above 40 try to wear classic not the fancy sari. If you want to look gorgeous try to drape handloom silk sarees of soft colors.

3. If you wear chiffon or Georgette saree try to wear satin or silk petticoat.

4. For office wear drape the cotton saree with pin-up to look professional.

5. If you are very thin try to drape handloom silk sarees or cotton saris to look good. This saree gives you the best figure.

6. If you are fat, go for chiffon, crepe or chiffon sarees. On any function drape the beautiful handloom silk sarees.

7. If your height is short, avoid to drape the big border sari, it will give your look more shorter.

8. If your hands are fatty, avoid sleeveless blouse.

9. Wear small printed saree, which gives your look more pretty and elegant.

10. If your skin tone is black, wear soft colors don't use dark colors.

These tips will help to many ladies. You can purchase these sarees from your nearest shop or from online shopping.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ten Saibapithas of Odisha.

When Sun rise every women, men, child prays to Lord shiva for their health, well wishes and for a successful day. Visit to the temples always gives the peace in mind and power. There are so many saibapithas in odisha.

Lingaraj Temple of Odisha.

1. Lingaraj Temple, Bhubaneswar
2. Dhabaleswar Temple, Cuttack
3. Kapilash Temple, Dhenkanal
4. Gupteswar Temple, Koraput
5. Huma Duma Temple, Sambalpur
6. Panchalingeswar Temple, Baleswar
7. Sri Ladukeswar Baba Temple, Nayagarh
8. Brahmaswer Temple, Bhubaneswar
9. Lokanath Temple , Puri
10. Pachimeswar Temple, Dhenkanal.

These are the famous saibapithas of odisha. On the time of Shravan month lots of devotees comes to visit these temples.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Why Indian bride like to wear silk sarees on the wedding day

Marriages are held with great importance in India and a beautiful wedding is the first step for ensuring that a man and a woman lead a happy and fruitful life together. It is for this reason that weddings are celebrated in India in the grandest style. No effort is spared to make sure that each and every aspect of the wedding goes flawless. Along with the flowers, food and decorations, the wedding clothes for the bride is also an important element of this special occasion. Among the various garments that have been classically associated with the Indian culture, the saree is one of the most important. There are a wide variety of sarees that are regularly produced in India, and out of them the silk sarees are highly favored for wedding occasions.

The Indian bride loves to wear silk sarees on the wedding day. This is due to the fact that silk sarees are both comfortable as well as beautiful. They feel smooth to the skin and can be worn for long hours. They are also known for their durability and rich texture. However, it is for their aesthetic qualities that they are preferred the most. Indian silk sarees are manufactured with the best quality materials, and this is reflected strongly in the finished products. The beautiful luster of these sarees is yet another reason for which the Indian bride loves to wear them on this special day.

Apart from the rich quality of the silk fabric, Indian silk sarees are also known to be extremely gorgeous and perfectly fitting for the wedding occasion. There are a wide range of silk sarees that are regularly produced in India, and a bride can choose the best among them to wear on her wedding day. Some of the most popular types of silk sarees include Kancheepuram, Paithani, Patola, Thanchoi, Banarasi, Bandhni and Ikkat. Each and every separate type has got its own distinctive features that make it unique. Silk sarees are distinguished for their splash of colors, differently patterned designs and rich finish which gives the wearer a sultry, exotic look. Many women love to stand out in the crowd with the clothes they wear, and silk sarees allow a woman to do just that.

Wedding Collection of Handloom Silk Sarees Available Online 

There are different types of fabrics used for creating wedding silk sarees for the Indian woman. Depending on the fabric being used, the final look and feel of the saree can vary greatly. Each and every different part of India is known for making its very own form and style of silk sarees; so a silk saree from the south will have a look and feel that is unique and different from silk sarees designed and produced in northern India. As the market for these sarees is now expanding greatly, there has been greater number of investments in the silk saree industry and this has led to the enhancement of the techniques that are used for creating them.

If you are looking to buy silk sarees for your own wedding, then you should definitely try to look for them in the online shops. There are currently numerous online stores that offer high quality Indian silk sarees for weddings. These websites not only showcase the best products from different saree manufacturing brands and designers but also offer you the most pocket friendly prices which make it easier for you to get the choicest sarees without having to worry too much about the expenditure. Online shopping has made it much easier for women to get nice looking silk sarees for themselves from the comfort of their own homes. It has also greatly benefitted the silk saree industry by increasing the overall number of sales. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Online Shopping Market Places in India, where you can buy and sell anything you want

Looks fully changes how we buy and sell in 21st Century on Indian market. Now we do not have to follow the same path each week for local haat or visit to a long distance to buy a specific item. We can find all of them sitting at our home, office or even while travelling through these new style of Marketplaces:

What is Online Market Place?
A place on internet where we can sell or buy products we want even sitting any where we want.

How they are helping Indian economy?
We are moving to age of internet and fear of this new market going out from customers, now even a farmer in a rural village want to buy a shirt from Flipkart through his mobile phones. Or someone from dhenkanal want to sell sarees living in a remote village. There market places helping economy and bringing down product price because of high competition, which benefits both seller and buyer.

Customer get a handicraft gift on anything on low price and seller easily reach huge customers with higher turnover.

Here are few marketplaces which exists and help us to buy and sell.

  1. Pepperfry
  2. Nineteen
  3. Rangiru
  4. Tadpole Store
  5. Style Tag
  6. Its Handmade
  7. 6Y Collective
  8. Zaarga
  9. Aniika: Only caters to US buyers
  10. 48Craft
  11. CraftVille
  12. Storrz
  13. Koovs
  14. Shopo
  15. Craftsvilla
  16. IndiaTimes
  17. Rediff Shopping
  18. 24hoursloot
  19. Art For Everyday
  20. Aporv
  21. Young Republic
  22. Craffts
  23. We Style
  24. Egully
  25. Timtara
  27. Mirraw
  28. Fabfurnish
  29. Shop Inonit
  30. Shopick
  31. 3 Closets: Curators of Fine Fashion
  32. First Row
  33. Indiologie
  34. Nethaat
  35. Unwrapindia
  36. Quirko
  37. Red Patang : Caters only to North American buyers
  38. Fashion at Click
Traditional Shopping still exists and will be forever (image: at Balijatra, cuttack)

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Silver City Cuttack

Cuttack District is a district of the Indian state Odisha. A municipal area if this district that contains district headquarters and other important government offices is called the city “Cuttack”. According to history the Cuttack district was the capital of the old Odisha. This is a very powerful and rich city of that time and today also counted as a major city of Odisha.

The biggest river of odisha known as Mahanadi is bordered this district from all directions that makes it very safe from attacks of enemy’s army. So the king of old Odisha chose this place to leave and make this as capital of Odisha.

This beautiful city also very popular in the name of “silver city” as its silver handicrafts are popular in all over the world, the popular silver handicraft work of Odisha known as “Tarakasi work of Odisha”.

Handloom Katki Sarees are World Famous
Tarakasi is a type of silver Filigree work in which the master handicraft works of Cuttack produces different types of beautiful decorative products and jewellery. The Tarakasi work of Cuttack, Odisha is very old, this highly skilled art form is more than 500 years old and is traditionally done by local artisans of Cuttack.

According to sources, the Tarakasi art may have come to Odisha through its trade links with Indonesia, at those time Indian skilled handicraft artist learn the silver Filigree work of Indonesia and add Indian style on it and convert it in to a very beautiful art culture.

Today also the demand of this old traditional art is very much high in national and international market. People in all over the world like the beautiful silver made art pieces made by master handicraft workers of Odisha.

So many products are exported to different American, European, Australian countries and also on many online shopping stores the product are available for purchasing of peoples in all over the world. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Most of Our Miss India's choose the Path of Bollywood over other carrier choices

Indian Girls are pretty, beautiful, sexy, caring, lovable, wife material and charming among girl living in this world. This already proved by our miss India won glamorous trendy women.

Some of our beautiful girls known all over world, either through winning beauty contest or acting on Bollywood movies.

Miss India is a ongoing contest which started in India on the year 1947 and the first winner Esther Victoria Abraham was from Calcutta, who passes away in 2006 while living in Mumbai.

But why Mumbai, yes she joined Bollywood and known as Pramila who acted as a fearless stunt star in 30 films, including Ulti Ganga, Bijli, Basant and Jungle King.

If we evaluate more we can see most of the winner choose Bollywood.

Some of the famous heroines who won and take Bollywood path are below:

  • Zeenat Aman
  • Juhi Chawla
  • Madhu Sapre
  • Sushmita Sen
  • Aishwarya Rai
  • Diana Hayden
  • Lara Dutta
  • Priyanka Chopra
Zeenat with Rajesh Khanna

These hot star having huge fashion fans running after them, all Indian boys and girls following the dress code of them, if they drape a saree, you can find all house wife's, office goer girls, college girl run after it and try to follow same style of fashion wear.

Boy's want their Girl Friend or wife to be look life these beauties  whether in dresses, or saris  or jeans or night wears. 

If you seen some of the final round of question in Miss India contest, they are tough and all winners answered them correct,  and told like they will do more social change in India than anything else, but nothing goes right like it as per their answer at stage. 

Are they doing right? Are they really working for social causes? Some of them must did it by some other way after name and fame on film industry. But still not what we have expected.

Is it same fate for all miss India title owners; What is your suggestions? 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sarafan the traditional dress of Russia

Russia or Russian Federation is a federal semi-presidential republic. It is the largest country in the world by area and ninth most populous nation. As this is a very big country so the culture of the country is having a big diversity but the Russian people like their culture, traditions and traditional attar very much.

Sarafan is famous traditional attire in Russia from 14th century. Sarafan is a long, trapeze-shaped traditional Russian jumper dress (pinafore) worn popularly by Russian folk costume by women and girls during traditional functions or in folk dances etc.
The sarafan is mostly found among Finnic peoples, such as Vepses, Komis, Karelians and Finns, at first in the year 1376 sarafan was first mention, now days this is worn as folk costume for performing Russian folk songs and folk dancing. But until 20th century sarafan was the dress worn by peasant girls and women in the central and northern part of Russia.

Sarafan worn as Russian folk costume by women and girls

The Sarafans could be of single piece construction with thin shoulder straps over which a sleeveless vest, this is called a "dushegreya" is sometimes worn, this helps in giving the shape of the body of a smaller triangle over a larger one. This comes in different styles such as the simpler black, flower- or check-patterned versions formerly used for everyday wear, or the elaborate brocade versions formerly reserved for special occasions, according to the choice of different people these are also available in different varieties.

The important part of this dress is the header part. It is usually worn with the sarafan today in folk performances is the kokoshnik, although in the past a head scarf tied under the chin or at the back of the head was part of everyday dress, women in Russia like this types of dress to wear very much.

So these are some things about the famous dress of Russia. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

10 popular places to visit in Dhenkanal

Dhenkanal District is a naturally beautiful place and an administrative division of the state Odisha, of the country India. This beautiful district is bordered by Kendujhar to the north, Jajpur to the east, Cuttack to the south and Angul to the west. In this district these are many natural beautiful places are present those are very much suitable to visit.

KapilashTemple, Saptasajya, Dattatreya Sai Ashram, Biradia, Mahima Ashram, Joranda, Ananta Sayana of Vishnu on the bank of River Brahmani, Saranga, Mahakaleshwar Temple, Haripur, Paschimeshwar Temple, Bhaapur, Science Centre and Park, Kapilash, Swapneswar Temple, Korian, Dhenkanal palace etc are 10 very popular places to visit.  

People from all over the Odisha, like to come to come these places to visit. Lets discuss about these places in a brief manner.

Kapilash Temple of Dhenkanal

Kapilash Temple is a very famous temple in dhenkanal, it is situated in the north eastern part of Dhenkanal town, Orissa, India at a distance of 26 km from the district headquarters. This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. This temple is situated on top of the hill and surrounded by forest. The natural beautify and the lord Shiva temple attracts people towards it.

Saptasajya is a very beautiful village in Dhenkanal district, according to mythology the Saptarishi had their ashramas in this place thereby giving the place its name as the Seven Beds or Seven Homes, people also believe that Pandavas during their 12 years of exile and one year of Agyata Vasa had chosen these mountains for shelter, so people like to visit this place and to spend some time on these holy hills.

Mahima Ashram, Joranda, Ananta Sayana of Vishnu on the bank of River Brahmani, Saranga, Mahakaleshwar Temple, Haripur, Paschimeshwar Temple, Bhaapur, Science Centre and Park, Kapilash, Swapneswar Temple, Korian, Dhenkanal palace etc are also very popular and people and suotable places for tourism.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Best cloths to wear In India during monsoon

Monsoon in India experienced from the month of July to September. During this period people enjoys the rain in India. The monsoon season brings out the green landscape of India and the smell of the lovely wet soil freshens up both body and mind of the Indian people. As India is a county where many people depends on agriculture to leave so rain is very important for this country.

But in this period people in India chose special cloths to wear. Let’s discuss about the outfits those are best during monsoon. Before deciding on which outfit to wear, lets us know about the type of fabrics which are most suitable for the monsoon season.

The fabric of clothes those are dry off quickly and resist the stains of mud and water like cotton are best cloth to wear during monsoon. Crepe silk and natural fabrics and cotton fabrics are some of the best example.

Handloom Cotton Salwar Suit Best Choice for Monsoon Season
It’s a better practice to avoid fabrics which stick to skin when they get wet. The fabrics which could be worn during Indian monsoon are light cotton and partially synthetic, polyester and nylon and the fabrics of dark colours are very much important because the light colours can get stained easily or become transparent when wet. So during monsoon these types of cloths are preferable in India.

In Indian markets every year during monsoon different varieties of cloths are available for peoples but in current scenario people also prefer online shopping stores to buy monsoon cloths. These are many online shopping stores are present those are provide many good quality cloths those are suitable for monsoon in a best piece. 

Also online shopping stores provide best deals like special offers and discounts so people in India now more preferring online shopping stores to purchasing monsoon cloths.

So these are some things about monsoon of Indian and monsoon cloths in India

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Silk sari and their demand in Indian market

India is a country situated in south Asian region where women prefer to wear saris in their day to day life. In India different varieties of saris are available but mainly silk saris and cotton saris are very famous in Indian markets.

In Indian women wear saris in their day to day life, for whole day the Indian women wear saris so it is very important that it should be very comfortable and good for the skin. The cotton saris are best for this purpose. The cotton material is good for our skin and the cotton cloths are comfortable for long use, so Indian women prefer to wear cotton saris in their day to day life.

Handloom Silk Sarees of Odsha Available Online

Another important thing is India is a country of festivals there are many festivals or puja functions are celebrated throughout the year, and in the festivals Indian people want to look good, so they wear different varieties of beautiful designed silk saris.
Silk saris are very attractive and shining in nature and gives a very attractive look to the women those wear it, so to get a very impressive and unique look Indian women prefer to wear silk saris in different functions or special occasions.

The demand of silk saris are very huge in Indian market, different varieties of silk saris are produced in different parts of India to satisfy the demand of silk saris in Indian and international market.

India is the second country in the world in silk manufacturing after china and Indian handloom weaver are very capable in producing best designed and attractive silk saris those are very much liked by the women in all over the world.

Now day’s silk saris are available on online market. Silksaris online shopping is the best way to get a good designed silk sari in a very easy way. These are many online shopping stores are present those are provide best quality silk saris online.  

So these are some things about silk saris and their demand in India. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Indian Handicraft Products Are Best to Decorate Home and Office

In India these are many different types of beautiful handicraft products are available in all over the country. In different geographic locations of India the culture and traditions of people are different and according to the local culture and traditions the handicraft products design and manufacturing process are different from each other.

But the Indian handicraft products are very beautiful and made with very simple things with attractive design and with very hard work. The handloom workers of India work very hard to produce the handicraft products, as they produce handicraft products by only using their hands or some handmade simple tools so they capable of producing very small quantity of products after doing very hard work for long time.

Patachitra wall decor for your sweet home now online

After all the handicraft products of India are best to decorate your home or office, there are different types of handicraft product made with different types of thing like from clay, stone, metal, cloth, bamboo etc are used by Indian handicraft workers in a very effective way and produces very beautiful and useful products.

The products are attractive in look, so they make an attractive look to the place where these are placed, so if you place the handicraft products in your home or at your office, may be in your office or home’s walls or in your office table or at any where in your home the handicraft products gives an attractive look to the place, so it is better to decorate the home or office with Indian handicraft products.

Now it is easier to get Indian handicraft products, any one form all over the world, through online shopping. These are many online shopping providers are present those are providing beast designed and very good quality Indian handicraft products on online shopping stores. So buy a good handicraft product from online shopping and decorate your home and office. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Ladies handloom cotton salwar suit online

Handloom cotton dress materials always famous among the women. Indian women always like to wear handloom cotton dresses, because they can use this at any purpose and at anytime. Cotton dress materials specially denotes to salwar kameez. In India number of girls and women wear this dress and it's very famous outside of India. Salwar Kameez is very much famous in the Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malyasia,  India, Thailand, UAE, Soudi Arab, Afganistan, Iran, Iraq, Qater etc. 

Now anyone can buy cotton dress materials for Salwar Kameez from online shooping store and get the same on their doorstep. 

Handloom Cotton Dress Materials for Salwar Kameez Online

Women can use salwar kameez at any purpose like office wear, college dress, any social occasion, pujas etc. It's very easy to wear and total satisfaction of their investment.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Make You Home Beautiful With the Online Home Decor

People always want to make their appearance and home beautiful and impressive, so that always they want to wear beautiful cloths and ornaments and decorate their home with attractive colour and designs, along with that people use different types of attractive designed products to decorate their home these products are known as Home Decors.

According to the like of the people they chose different varieties of products to decorate their homes. Like wall hangings, paintings, curtains, Pillow covers, bed-sheets and other types of good attractive things are used to decorate home.

Traditionally people buy different types of home decor items from local markets and when they visited some place at that time they collect beautiful products from different places to decorate their home. But now day’s people use online shopping technology to purchase different types of home decors.

Wall Hanging Patachitra Art Online

As online shopping is the new style of shopping that is very helpful for people in all over the world, so day by day more and more people are connected with this and getting new experience of shopping.

Also many online shopping stores providing different varieties of good quality products those are very useful to decorate homes, it is very easy to buy a home decor from online shopping store because, these are many images of different varieties of products with description are available.

So anyone can easily choose a product that matches to their home from thousands of choices and order that product through online shopping over internet. The product directly reached at their home. This is the best type of shopping technology and also the easiest type of technology that helps people very much.

So start buying beautiful home decors from online shopping stores and makes your dream house beautiful. These are some things about online home decor shopping in current scenario. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Today is Ratha Yatra

Today is Ratha Yatra the holy festival of Odisha, also this festival is known as cart festival. Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and maa subhadra three of these come out from sree mandir and visited to their aunt’s house (maushi maa temple).

As an Odia, i beleave in lord Jagannath and Ratha Yatra is a special occasion for me and for all other bhakta or worshippers of Lord Jagannath. From my child hood, I visited cart festival with my parents and it is a strong believes that Lord Jagannath comes out from Sree Mandir to see his worshipper and bless him.

And according to millions of people those every year come to puri from different parts of Odisha, India and different other countries, they feel that an unnatural power bless them.

Ratha Yatra in Dhenkanal
Millions of people from different religions are cultures coming to see the Ratha Yatra festival or cart festival. Today is the special day and today also many people are coming to puri to see cart festival.

Apart from puri these are many other places are available where the temple of lord Jagannath are present and in these places cart festival celebrated by people in a very happy and joyful way.

In my home town Dhenkanal a glorious temple of Lord Balaram is present and people celebrated cart festivals in this temple every year, all rituals are obeyed like puri jagannath temple but as it is the temple of Lord Balaram, he is the elder brother of Lord Jagannath, so the cart festival begins first in dhenkanal than after that in puri.

Every year in my child hood I visited Ratha Yatra in my home town dhenkanal and it is a very holy experience I fell every year. Today I wish you all a very happy Ratha Yatra. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Online Silk Sari Shopping In India

Silk saris are very popular among Indian women; all Indian women prefer to wear different varieties of good attractive silk saris in party or functions. Silk saris are shining and silk materials are looks very glorious in light so it gives a very attractive look to the women those wear it.

The Indian handloom weaver’s produces very beautiful designed saris with traditional motifs and new style motifs. Those are very beautiful and attractive.  
Due to the unique features of silk saris and handloom designs most of the Indian women like to wear silk saris and the demand of these saris in Indian market is very huge. 

     Handloom Saree Making Process

In different states different types of handloom designs are produced and these saris are transported to all over the countries markets and shops. But making available all silk saris at one place is very difficult and this difficulty solved by online shopping technology.

Online shopping stores provide different types of handloom silk saris at place and through a website they can provide the service. Anyone can access the website from anywhere in the world and purchase any product over the internet by using the website.

From online stores website consumer can get all information about the product with the image of the product and having a secure payment option that very much helpful for consumers in purchasing a beautiful silk sari.

Particularly in India like countries where people have to do very hard works in their day to day life and heavy traffic are available on roads. Here online shopping is the best option to purchase products any kinds of products.  

So people in India use online shopping technology for purchasing different types of product, especially beautiful silk handloom saris. Indian online shopping stores also provide different varieties of silk saris with best prise along with various offers. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Worldwide Traditional Attires

These are different cultures and traditions are present in all over the globe and we all love our cultures and traditions. Over the globe in different geographic locations the language, life style, clothing style, food, religions of people are different from each other.

Mainly people love their traditional attires very much. Lest discuss about some beautiful traditional attires of all over the world.

Russia or Russian Federation is the largest country in the world by area. The national dress of the Yakuts, Russia is a branch of Turkic people living in the Republic of Sakha. Beautiful elaborate embroidery of this traditional attire is the main feature and bead decorations. This traditional dress is preferred to worn during celebrations and weddings ceremonies.  

China is the biggest country by population; here in this country thousands of different varieties of cloths are present. A traditional Miao cloth is one of the very popular ethnic cloths of Miao, china.  Woman is traditionally dressed in a blouse with wide collars worn over a pleated skirt. The skirt, it is said, has as many as 30 to 40 layers. This cloth is very beautiful in design and colour.

Saree is the main fashion cloth of Indian women

Africa is the second-largest and second-most-populous continent in world. Maasai community, Zulu community and many more communities are present in Africa. The tribal clothings of these communities are very famous. The beaded ornaments are the most prominent parts of a Maasai woman’s dress. Beaded neck pieces and handmade hats are an integral part of Zulu women's attires.

United States is the most powerful country in current scenario. The people of this country very much love their country and traditions. Seminole community are a Native American tribe, the traditional attire of woman's of this tribe is floor-length skirt paired with a long sleeved blouse, attached with a cape and the dress is accessorized with glass bead necklaces. Here men's traditional wear consists of a long shirt with flourish work and a headgear made from plaid wool shawls. These cloths are still famous among peoples of America.

 Indonesia is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia. Bulang is the traditional attire of this country. Mainly Balinese women's of Indonesia use this costume. This costume consists of a fifteen-feet-long cloth wrapped around the upper body and silk overlaid with gold leaf cloth. The women normally wear ornamental crowns decorated with flowers with this traditional attire.

India is a county having a rich tradition and culture. People of India are very much religious. Indian people like good cloths so in different parts of this country many different types of good designed cloths are available. Kashmir, Gujarat, Odisha, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Assam etc states of the country India are having their own traditional handloom designs and unique styles.

Sari is the most popular ethnic cloth for women in India and Dhoti is the traditional men’s garment. Apart from that salwar kameez, Legenga, Kurti, Ghagra Choli etc ladies cloths are very famous in India.

Poland, Polish women like, Lace-up boots, red bead necklaces, floral skirts, embroidered and beaded vests are some of the common styles prevalent. Traditionally men wear of Poland is blue waistcoats with tassels and "krakuska" caps.

Iran, Iran is one of the world's oldest civilizations. The traditional attires of Iran is very much liked by peoples of  Iran, after the 1979 revolution women are strictly bound to wear loose-fitting clothes, or "hijab," with scarves or veils. "Chador," a full-length semi-circular fabric, has also become an integral part of Iranian women's dressing style. The traditional designs of very beautiful motifs on cloths are very much liked by Iran’s peoples.

Turkey, The peoples of Turkey like lots of embroidery on their cloths and tailoring work. A typical traditional Turkish dress includes coats, trousers, headgear and layering, these things makes a cloth very beautiful.

Afghanistan, Afghan people very much like their traditional cloths; Afghan woman’s dress consists of three parts: "firaq, partug, chador. Upper garment reaching to the ankles is called Firaq. Baggy-style lower garment that is tied around the waist is called partug and chador is the headscarf used by Afghanistan’s women.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tourism in Nepal and It’s Importance

Nepal is a country which has many naturally beautiful places. So tourist pays importance in this country. As it Possessing 8 of the 10 highest mountains in the world, so the people from all over the world come to visit this beautiful country and its natural beauty. 

Nepal is a very suitable place for mountaineers, rock climbers and for the people those seeking adventures. In Nepal the “Mount Everest” the highest mountain peak in the world is present and every year thousands of people from different countries from all over the world coming to this place to visit.

Breathtaking Trip to Nepal
In Nepal mostly Hindu religious people and Buddhist people are present in majority so here very beautiful temples and religious places are also present those contents very beautiful arts and attractive structures. So tourist those are coming to Nepal they also like these temples and beautiful structures.  

Tourism is the largest industry in Nepal, as according to Nepal’s weather and land this place is not very suitable for farming so people of this country are very much depended on tourism. From tourism Nepal’s people get good amount of money for their leaving.
So tourism is the most important thing in terms of Nepal’s economic status. Every year thousands of tourists from different countries from all over the world are coming to visit this country and the local art and handicraft industry get chance to develop in a better way.

Due to tourist the handicraft workers get more consumers to sell their products and by more and more product selling they earn more money. So by this we can say that tourism is very much helpful for Nepal.

Also Nepal’s people are very honest and the Nepal government also encouraging tourism, so day by day the tourism of Nepal increasing in a greater extent. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Women Very Much Like Discount Offers In Products

Women in all over the world like shopping very much. Most of the girls and women very much prefer to buy different types of things like cloths, jewellery, footwear and other household products etc in their day to day life, but when they here bout any discount offer in market they prefer to buy most things from it. Especially in India discount offers concept was very much appreciated by women.

India is a country of festivals there are many festivals and functions are traditionally celebrated throughout the year. During festivals Indian people like to wear new clothes, jewellery and other thing, also want to cook and eat good food along with spend a quality time with friends and family members.

Most of the sellers of India provide discount offers during festivals. As Indian people are very religious so they believe that, if they making people happy during festival season, then god bless them and their business develops in a better way. So they provide discount offer to make people happy in different festivals.

Discounted offer on Online Shopping
Also the discount offers helps sellers in getting more profit by selling more product in less time. During festival seasons different shops and stores provide offers of 10%, 20% and more discount offers for consumers and the people are attracted toward this offer and go to that shop and purchase products from it, in this way both consumers and seller get benefits from it.

Now day’s online shopping stores are also providing very impressive offers on various products. They provide discount offers with offer code and consumers get discount on specific products by using discount code. 

As example now Ratha Yatra festival coming soon, so Odisha Saree Store (A Handloom and handicraft based online shopping store) provides Ratha Yatra offer that 10% discount on very purchase.

In this way other shops and online shopping stores provides various types of discount offers and women of India like this very much.    

Monday, July 13, 2015

New Style Garments and Online Shopping In India

The life style of Indian people is developing day by day. India is a country of large diversities here different people of different religious, culture, language and traditions are leaving together happily.

The life style of peoples in different regions of the country India is different from each other. As example the culture and tradition of south Indian people are different from northern part of India.

Due to globalization, day by day India is developing in different fields, mostly in the field of economy and industrialization in India increasing in a larger extent. This affects the life style of Indian people mostly their cloth and food.

Style shopping through online
From ancient days Indian people are very much like to wear good design cloths and good quality foods. Today also people like to wear new design cloths and best quality foods.

New style garments are available in different market places of India, best quality and attractive design garments for men, women and kids are very much liked by the peoples of India.    

In different Indian markets these are huge among of beautiful designer clothes are available but still people sometimes, do not get the favourite product from local markets. In these situations online shopping helps them in getting their favourite garment in a better, easier and cheaper way.   

In India online shopping technology increasing day by day and people of India preferring this new style of shopping more than traditional shopping techniques. Mostly young peoples and the people those are working on corporate offices, they like online shopping very much.

The popular Indian garments like different varieties of saris, salwar kameez, Lehenga etc other female garments and shirt, pant, kameez etc men garments are very much liked by Indian people.

So these are some things about New Style Garments and Online Shopping In India.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Top 9 Hotels to stay in Puri during Nabakalebar and rathayatra 2015

2015 Ratha Yatra fall on the month of July, in this year it is special because Nabakalebar of our lord fall this year. To celebrate this people of around the world already started their journey and expect to fill in here in puri. 

For your stay we can help you to select some hotels in puri. Here is below list which contents some of them.

  1. Puri Hotel
  2. Mayfair 
  3. Sonar
  4. Coco Palm resort
  5. Holiday Resort
  6. Victoria Club
  7. Hotel Rukmini
  8. Chanakya International
  9. Blue Lily
Puri Hotel, Puri Sea Beach, Odisha

11 Famous Saree Draping Styles in India

Saree is one of the top cloth which mostly used in India by women. All state of india has different type and style of clothes for both men and women. 

From these states we have selected few mostly used styles for you which you can adopt and drape in at your home or office or any functions.

Odissi Dancers performing by draping odisha handloom sarees for a  world record at Kalinga stadium, Bhubaneswar

Different Styles of wearing saris:

  • Karnataka Bhootheyara
  • Goa Dhangad
  • Gujarat Parsi
  • Madhya Pradesh Balaghat
  • Central Chhattisgarh Style
  • Uttar Pradesh Seedha Pallu
  • Bihar Purnia
  • Jharkhand Santhal Pargana
  • West Bengal Nadia
  • Orissa Kotapad
  • Andhra Pradesh Boggili Posi

“Ratha-Yatra” The Holy Festival of Puri, Odisha

Ratha-Yatra (Chariot Festival) is a very popular Hindu festival of Odisha, India. This is a very famous festival where millions of people are gathered at Puri to join the festival. Not only the Indian people or only Hindu community people also people from different countries from different communities are coming to Puri (the land of Jagannath) to participate in holy Ratha-Yatra or Chariot Festival.  

Ratha-Yatra or Chariot Festival involves transporting deities on a Ratha (chariot). In this festival the Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra come outside of temple and visit to his aunt’s house.

The name Ratha-Yatra itself describes the festival, Rath means chariot and Yatra means journey. So the journey of Lord Jagannath and his brother and sister are called famous Ratha-Yatra.

Puri is the Land of Jagannath, here the famous Jagannath temple situated and Lord Jagannath worshiped in it. But once in a year Lord Jagannath go to visit Gundicha Temple or mausi maa temple (Lord Jagannath’s aunt’s house). Lord Jagannath left the temple (Shri Mandir) for seven days and after then come back to temple.

Millions of people gathered to see the lord Jagannath on chariot, people gets a divine experience by seeing lord Jagannath on chariot. So people like this chariot festival very much.

Ratha-Yatra usually occurred during the month of Asadha (Rainy Season of Orissa, usually falling in month of June or July). During this time millions of people from different countries come to Puri and stay here and worship lord Jagannath.

Mainly Hindu community people are gathered in a vast population and along with them all other community people are joined them and enjoy the Ratha-Yatra festival.

Also the Ratha-Yatra festival celebrated in different other places of India and also in different countries. Mostly in American countries people very much like to celebrate this chariot festival.