Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Why College Going Girls Always Want Unstitched Salwar Suits

Salwar suit is the most popular Indian dress among college going young girls, especially in small towns where wearing western dresses is still not allowed. But no matter where, these young girls prefer unstitched salwar suits over the readymade ones. There are many reasons behind it, but mainly due to these following reasons.

  1. Every girl has a different physic. And when a girl is too skinny or stout, it gets difficult to get the exact size. This is where dress material for salwar suits gets an edge because one size fits all. Choose a good material, take it to a boutique or tailoring shop and you will get an exact replica of the set you had been eyeing for long but failed to get in your size. You can also have the depth of neck or back as per your choice as unstitched salwar suits can be improvised according to your dressing style. Without proper fitting, dress would not look half good. And for apt fitting, you would need dress material. 
  1. Secondly, a readymade salwar suit comes in number of pieces. Every size comes in multiple pieces. It can be easily said that on a given day, there can be more than ten women wandering in the city or town in the same dress, so there are always possibilities of bumping with someone who wears the same suit on the same occasion on the same day. On the other hand, the chances of wearing same dress diminishes with unstitched salwars suits because even if the dress material would be same, the design of the finished dress would be different. A single suit piece can be stitched in different styles like below knee kurta, short kurta, salwar, churidar, v-neck, collared and so on.      
Unstitched Salwar Suits for College Going Girls available online
  1. In most of the cases, fabric used in the readymade salwar suit is not at par. If you are not buying branded dress, you may get annoyed with the quality of stitches as well. After few wears, stitches, hooks or other decorative pieces will come off. But when you buy unstitched salwar suits, individual care is taken for each aspects which is why these dresses last long. You can wear them forever. Their colour may get faded out but there will be seldom any stitch that will be apart. Also, you can choose the fabric of your choice. 
  1. When you are buying readymade suits, you will have to take the complete set even if you have the same coloured churidar or leggings and dupatta. But if you have a bandhani dupatta and some neutral coloured salwar, churidar or leggings, buy dress material for the kurta alone. You can buy as many dress materials as you want to, without having to spend for bottom wear and dupatta.  So, if you buy one multicoloured bandhani, batik or leheriya dupatta, you can team it up with several mono coloured or contrasting salwar kameez, short kurta with Patiala or churidar kurta. This is one flexibility that comes with unstitched salwar suits only. 
  1. And the latest reason is the latest shopping trend- online shopping. When shopping online, young girls often complain of poor fittings or fabrics. Since the images appearing on computer or mobile screen often differ from the actual piece of cloth due to the screen resolution, high definition picture or similar factors, when the actual product reaches the customer, they are left disappointed because either the material is too shiny or the size of that company differs from other ones prevailing in the market. As a result, young girls have come back to their old and gold way of buying dresses- unstitched salwar suits. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Present Fashion Trends of Men's Casual Wear Shirts

Though it is mostly women's fashion which is most talked about, but fashion for men is no less feat either. One look at the different fashion shows and weeks and you will understand what is meant. However, men's fashion is not restricted to ramps and different types of coats, jackets, blazers and t shirts only. You will be surprised to see the expanse of men's casual shirts. There are more varieties than you can imagine, but somehow it is much less discussed than it is ought to be. As a result, many men are still unaware of them. Let us see what are the most common and popular men's casual shirts.

After wearing the same button down formal shirts in same solid colour, stripes and chequered patterns for five days a week, the urban and young metro-sexual men long for clothes that are chic, fashionable, fresh, comfortable and stylish. You definitely don't need five different shirts to match each criteria because there is a huge array of men's casual shirts that are perfect for off week events. Be it picnic, party, friendly get-together at pubs et al. No more rolling up of sleeves or looking same every morning. These casual shirts give you ample of opportunity to flaunt your cool avatar.

Casual shirts for Men available online

Casual Full Shirts

Yes, they can come in same solid, chequered, or striped patterns, but the cut of these shirts give them the extra edge. These shirts are available in skinny, slim and regular fits. There are many of these shirts that come with twists. For example, a button down slim fit casual shirt is different in the pattern made on it. It can be printed, it can be different print in either sides and there can be nth number of permutations and combinations. The end result is the perfect look for a casual occasion. Pair it with jeans to nail “cool & in” look. No need for deliberate efforts to be macho or stylish. Rather your carefully careless approach will be more appealing to everyone out there.

Casual Half Shirts

Casual half shirts are quite popular. Sometimes they are called Bush shirts or Hawaiian shirts. These are one of the most popular type of men's casual shirts. You can find them in bold motifs like big flowers, orchids, fire flames, etc. But they are not always loudly screaming of their casual being. The subtle ones like solid coloured, checked, stripes, washed or muted prints are equally popular. You can wear them as per your requirement. When you are partying in beach or in bonfire with your closest pals, wearing sober checks and stripes would not be great idea. Funky patterns, or bold flowers in loud colours will add to the ambience of the occasion. Similarly, when you are chilling out with colleagues where there is nothing official about it yet calls for some decorum, regular fit half sleeved casual shirts in subdued prints and colours are just the right option.


Choice of fabric is very crucial in men's casual shirts. It is immensely important to know which fabric suits you, which fabric you can carry well and which one is apt for which occasion. Most popular material is undoubtedly cotton or mixed. And it is closely followed by denim and sheer. Surpassing the gender boundaries, even shimmering fabrics are getting popular these days.

To look your best, most important factor is the fitting. So before you buy men's casual shirts, be sure of the measurement. If you don't buy clothes frequently, it is best to know your size from the salesmen in stores, who are eager to help you. If you shop online, use a measuring tape or consult your last shirt that fits best. Appearance can make a lot of difference, so buy your shirts carefully. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

List of Indian Ethnic Wear Garments That are All-time Favourite

Young generation is often blamed to have followed western culture blindly, but it is true that there are still some Indian ethnic wear garments, that are all-time favourite and have never lost their charm even in the crowd of western casual clothes. Best part is even these ethnic dresses are improvised in terms of comfort and fashion so that young people who don't wear them very often can carry them off with equal ease.

Let us divide Indian ethnic wear garments in two categories- for ladies and for men. This will make the further divisions much easier.

Ethnic Wear for Women

Saree- This piece of garment does not need any definition. This is a nine yard long fabric which is draped in different styles according to customs as well as fashion. Saree is worn with blouse or choli and a petticoat or underskirt. This is the ultimate ethnic wear with which an Indian women is related to.

Salwar Kameez- This is another traditional Indian dress which Indian women wear all over the country. If saree is related to women, salwar kameez is worn mainly by young girls. Usually, girls change to saree mainly after their marriage. There are different forms of salwar kameez. Kameez is a long tunic type top which is worn with salwar, churidar, Patiala salwar and leggings. Even kameez are of different types, known as kurta, kurti, Anarkali and so on.

Ethnic Indian Silk Sarees available online

Lehenga Choli- This is mainly an occasional Indian ethnic wear. Young girls wear it for wedding. This is a long flowing skirt with embellished and intricate works, worn with tight-fitting blouse called choli. A dupatta or a 3 yard long scarf is draped to cover the upper torso. However, in some parts of India like Gujarat and Rajasthan, women wear lehenga or ghaghra choli with mirror and thread work.

Apart from these, there are several other regional dresses that are intrinsically Indian ethnic wear garments but not as popular like lehenga choli, saree or salwar suit. Some of these are:

Pavada which the little girls in Tamil Nadu wear.
Mekhala-sador- the traditional two piece dress of Assam
Mundum Neriyathum- worn in Kerala which is usually white or pale yellow in colour with golden or bright colour border.

Indian Ethnic Wear for Men

No matter how much we have developed and changed, basic wear for women in India is still saree or salwar suits. But men have shifted to western dresses conveniently and they are more seen in shirts, trousers or t shirts than in Indian traditional dresses. Yet, on festivals when they don the all-time favourite ethnic wears, they steal the show. Some of the most popular ethnic wears are as follows:

Kurta Pyjama- This is the most common and a favourite Indian ethnic wear. Kurta is a long shirt with round neck or small collar. Pyjama is a loose fitted trouser with strings or elastic. Kurtas come in various fabrics like satin, silk, tussar etc but pyjamas are mainly of cotton. Usually kurtas are of vibrant colours, with embroidery work, and even hand paint and look est when worn with plain white pyjamas. Different regions of India have different types of Kurtas in terms of length, designs and patterns. Kurta looks best when teamed up with half jacket.

Dhoti- Dhoti was almost forgotten in urban India and was worn only in villages by elderly people. Thanks to the new generation fashion designers who have revived this six feet long cloth piece which is wrapped around the waist. It is worn with kurta.

Sherwani- This is the most favourite Indian ethnic wear of young generation. This is a long jacket that falls right below the knee. It comes in light colours, embroidered with silver and/or gold, has thin collar and it is worn with churidar pyjama. This is the wedding attire of metrosexual urban groom which he teams with uttariya or dupatta. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Name of some elegant Indian Saris for occasional purpose use

Saree is undoubtedly one of the most elegant outfits of the world. Though, it is an ethnic wear of Indian subcontinent, but its popularity has transcended much beyond the geographical boundaries of these countries. Good news is that even young generation is keen on draping this five to nine yard long cloth piece because varieties available in this dressing style is timeless and women of every age group has something exclusive to wear. Though saree itself is an exclusive dress, but here are some of the elegant Indian saris for occasional use. 

Kanchipuram Silk

When we are discussing Indian sarees for special occasions, the ideal list would always start with Kanchipuram or Kanjivaram silk. These 500 years old form of sarees are woven manually with mulberry silk and known for their contrasting body colour and border with traditional motifs like temple, flower, stripes etc. It is wedding attire of the brides in south Indian states. Special zari with 57% silver and 0.6% gold and silk threads soaked in gold and silver liquid are used which make these elegant Indian sarees so expensive. 

Kantha Saree

Kantha is a type of stitch which is done on tussar or mulberry silk to create an exclusive piece of art. This stitch is not a very intricate one, rather simple running one which is used for making quilts. Rustic patterns like plants, trees, animals, fish or flowers are made and embroidered with contrasting threads. This embroidery is done with hands and no machines are used for stitches. It takes weeks and even months to complete one kantha saree. 

Being dress code of all women political leaders Sambalpuri sarees make a definite position in the list of elegant Indian sarees. Ever since, our former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi showed her fascination for these handloom sarees, they have made their position permanent in the wardrobes of all influential women. When women expect a long outdoor day with series of events to attend, Sambalpuri sarees are the best choice because they don't get creased. And they are available in both silk and cotton varieties. 

Beautiful Sambalpuri silk Saree of Odisha available online
Chanderi Sarees

When you want to nail a perfect sophisticated and smart look, Chanderi saree is the best option. With no bling, narrow border, sparse motifs in the body, these are exactly what you call elegant Indian sarees. Best part of Chanderi sarees is that you can get them exactly as you want. If you want a gorgeous one, you can buy Chanderi silk with wide and broad zari border with butis in contrast colours. If you want a simple one, go for soft cotton with thin border. In any case, you will steal the show with the vibrant colours. 

Bafta Sarees

A blend of cotton and silk threads, Bafta sarees from Madhya Pradesh fit the bill of elegant Indian sarees. Muted block print on naturally bright colour base gives the wearer a chic look. Sometimes a thin zari border is added to give that extra edge making this aptly formal saree a bling required for day party.  

Georgette Sarees

Years ago, women proudly flaunt their silk saree collections. But of late, georgette sarees have been reigning and enjoying the supremacy. These are just the right kind of party wear. But if you want an elegant one, go for embroidered one. Pastel shade saree with chikan embroidery is elegance embodied. If you want to know what truly elegant Indian sarees mean, you need to check out pale blue, pistachio green, off white or baby pink georgette sarees with original chikan work of Lucknow. Other embroidery work like Kashmiri stitch, Parsi stitch, Gujrati stitch or mirror work too give an elegant look to your georgette sarees. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

What points need to check when you will buy a bridal sarees from online?

India has always been a culture rich country that strongly believes in its traditional values. One of the ways in which these values are transferred from one generation to another is the bond of marriage. Indian men and women have always regarded the bond of matrimony to be a sacred one and hence it is no surprise that they leave no stone unturned to ensure a grand wedding for their sons and daughters. Along with all the adornments and merrymaking that is associated with an Indian wedding, one of the most important things that a bride needs to take care of is the bridal saree. Every bride desires to look her best when it comes to this special day and in order to achieve this only the best bridal saree should be chosen.

As different parts of India is known for designing and making different types of sarees, it is not surprising that women are used to wear different bridal sarees all over India. However, no matter the type of saree, one thing can be said about them and that is they all look elegant, charismatic and stunning. Among the various types of bridal sarees that have been regarded with great importance are Chanderi sarees, Kanchipuram sarees and Banarasi silk sarees. The Chanderi sarees have their origins in Madhya Pradesh and are known for their fine blend of silk and cotton threads that create an excellent look. They are hand woven with great meticulousness and this helps to bring out their glamour perfectly. The Kanchipuram sarees are some of the best silk sarees produced in Tamil Nadu. Highly elegant and glamorous, these sarees enjoy a great status as the perfect bridal attire. The Banarasi silk sarees have their roots in Benaras and are known for their bright shades and gorgeous embroidery works.  

Bridal collection Indian Silk Saree available online

Apart from the traditional Kanchipuram sarees, Banarasi silk sarees and Chanderi sarees, women in India also love a range of sarees as well when it comes to their bridal attires. These include the net sarees of the north, the Sambalpuri sarees of Odisha, Assam silk sarees, Gota sarees, Zardosi sarees, Bandhani sarees, Pattu sarees and brocade silk sarees. Therefore it is needless to say that an Indian woman looking to get married has plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the best quality bridal sarees. The best way to choose from a grand collection of these bridal sarees is to shop from an online store. While it is true that there are still numerous traditional stores that offer high quality sarees for the bride to be, online stores offer women with the advantage of getting the best products in a short time. This is certainly a boon considering the fact that most women have buy jobs to handle nowadays and they hardly have the time to look for the best bridal sarees.

When it comes to buying bridal sarees from an online store, there are certain things that are needed to be kept in mind. Most online stores have a bridal section, so a buyer won’t have much problem in trying to search for the best sarees from a huge catalog. However, it is important that a woman only chooses the best sellers before finally making a purchase. Unless a reputable seller is chosen, there is a high chance that the product will be of poorer quality. Secondly, while shopping from an online store one can expect to take advantage of discounts, but it is advisable to stay away from deals that are far too cheap. In this way, the buyer can make sure that the product that she is purchasing is of sound quality.           


Monday, January 18, 2016

What are globally accepted women garments available on Indian online market?

Ever since the earliest days, India always had a strong sense of fashion and aesthetics. Thanks to the innumerable artisans who have worked through years to create the individualistic fashion identity of India, this country can boast of introducing many fashion practices that have stood the test of time. Even though India never really had an organized fashion council until very recently, people from all over the world had taken a strong liking to the fabrics and garments produced in India and their ethereal and elegant beauty. This has certainly helped men and women in this country to have truly classy options when it comes to their clothing.
Just like men, women in India truly love to dress up and feel good about themselves in their day to day lives. Over the years, the clothing options available for women in this country have greatly expanded. Gone are the days when women had only a limited number of outfits to wear for any given occasion. Nowadays women have plenty of high quality clothing options that include both traditional ethnic wears as well as western outfits. The traditional ethnic wears like sarees, salwar kameez, Anarkali suits, ghagra cholis have long been regarded as staple in most weddings and religious ceremonies. Along with them, the women of today can also choose from the different western outfits such as jeans, long skirts, short skirts, tube tops, t-shirts and evening dresses that in turn only expand her wardrobe options.

Beautiful women wear Salwar Kameez
Most women in India nowadays choose to buy their clothes from online stores. This is because unlike previous times, the women in this country live extremely busy lives and as such they hardly find the time to shop for their garments. Over the last few years or so, online shopping has really changed the way people buy their necessary goods in India. While at one point of time people hardly had any other option but to spend hours going through different shops and searching for the items that they desire to buy, now it is possible for them to get the best products from the comfort of their own homes.

Another reason why online shopping has caught on the popular imagination is that it allows people to save on a lot of money. Most online shops offer great discounts and excellent offers to lure buyers into purchasing from them. This not only allows people to get the products that they are ideally looking for but get them at far lower prices than what is customarily available in traditional stores. It is for this reason that most people are taking to online shopping nowadays. Such factors only make it inevitable that women in this country would love to find more of their favorite garments in various online stores.

There are currently numerous globally accepted women’s garments available in online stores. With the growing trends of globalization, a woman needs to feel at ease and comfort with a wide range of cultural ideas and environments. In such a scenario, it is necessary that she has the best options of clothing that are well accepted in a global market. Clothing items that have a global appeal will certainly help her to fit in and be herself under any circumstances. Currently there are many stores in India that offer women garments online. These stores keep an extensive collection of Indian ethnic and western wears that can help a woman to blend well on any surroundings. Such clothing not only allows a woman to feel confident about herself but also present her best self in professional, personal as well as social lives.   

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Welcome to Spring Season.. Happy Makar Sankrati Festival.

Makar Sankranti is a great festival which is celebrated all over India in various ways. This is a most popular Hindu festival. This festival is special for the farmers harvest and only Makar Sankrati festival is only kind of great festival which falls on the same date every year. 

This is the  beginning of the spring(fall time) season.On Makar Sankranti festival every people rush to the nearest temple for prosperity, happiness and sucess. On this day every women wear the New saree and prepare  a sweet dish  made of Til called "Makar Chaula" which first offer to God and then other family members.In fact,  in India,every people celebrate Makar sankrati in various way.

Very Much interesting to see the Whole people come together for Kite celebrations.

Happy Makar Sankrati .


Monday, January 11, 2016

Places to visit in USA during your First visit

USA is a dream destination for many Indian, we love to visit places whether in India or abroad.Indian love shopping, take taste of different foods all over world.

United States of America is truly another world which is totally opposite of our country, we have narrow roads, they have beautiful high speed Inter States.

We have dirty surrounding out side of our houses, they have clean and beautiful parks and shopping centers.

In Indian Officials think like they are king of all trade, but US authority work truly like govt servants and any govt job they do very fast and help people to get it done as soon as possible whether buying or selling cars, applying for W2, applying for SSN and many things.

Best part is you can find Indian grocery and vegetable more fresh in USA than India, we have store like Indian bazaar to sell products from pani puri to Indian Parle G biscuits.

As per our knowledge we should prepare our list of places to visit before purchasing tickets and applying visa.

Photo from Our teams New York Tour

Still here is list of places you should visit.

  • New York
  • Washington DC
  • Baltimore
  • Rehbooth Beach
  • Hersey Chocolate factory
  • Penn's Cave 

Why modern women always like to wear stylish Indian Sarees?

The saree has always been regarded with great reverence in the Indian culture. For thousands of years, this classic garment has evolved in its style and content and had a profound effect on the women of this country who love to wear them in practically every aspect of their day to day lives. With time, the style and cut of these garments have also undergone a massive change and the latest sarees make use of a heady mix of traditional and modern elements. This has certainly given modern sarees an edge that was missing in the sarees of earlier times. It is therefore not a surprise that the modern woman has more options when it comes to high quality clothing than women of the yesteryears. 

While it is true that women do have an endearing fascination with sarees, it is a fact of modern life that not many women get to wear them on a day to day basis. This is because of the fact that while a saree can make a woman look really beautiful and elegant, it is not made for brisk and fast movement. A woman of today not only needs to perform a wide range of domestic tasks but she also needs to put up a professional front in the workplace. She needs to interact with numerous clients and colleagues and attend to various work related matters that would require her to be at her best. In such scenarios, women often choose to wear western outfits as they are easy to maintain and handle and offer greater flexibility to the wearer. It is for this reason that Indian woman hardly let any chances go by where they can relish the experience of wearing a saree.

Stylish Indian Sarees available online

One of the places where women simply love to wear a saree is at a wedding. Manufacturers of sarees leave no stone unturned to capitalize on this market that mainly focuses on wedding sarees. While there is a certain section of sarees that cater to the needs of the bride, there is also an extensive line of sarees that are particularly made for all the women who simply love to good gorgeous in a stylish saree. The various online and offline saree stores put up special offers in order to attract more crowds, starting from few months before the commencement of the wedding season. Presenting buyers with stylish Indian sarees in a wide range of fabrics, colors, prints and designs, these stores provide women of today with all that they need to look and feel good and be confident about their own selves.

A woman in today’s world is very much conscious about the way she looks and this is hardly surprising considering the fact that she needs to interact with numerous men and women in both her professional, personal and social lives. It is for this reason that a woman is always in search for the best quality sarees that would help her to accentuate her natural beauty in more ways than one. Apart from the conventional brick and mortar stores, India has seen a surge of online stores over the past decade or so. These online stores have really taken the saree trade in this country to the next level. It is now perfectly possible for a woman to buy the best sarees from the comfort of her own home. The best part of shopping from these online stores is that they offer a wide range of products at the most pocket friendly rates. This has certainly appealed to the mass consumers who love to have the best clothes without burning holes in their pockets. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

How to choose festival saris as per respective occasions?

Saris are some of the most attractive and graceful garment that a woman can wear and it has always been held at high esteem in India. While the sari is predominantly Indian in origin, in the recent times it has been widely accepted by women in other parts of the world as well, thanks to the increasing popularity of a global or cosmopolitan culture all over the world. The sari has evolved in its style and content through hundreds and thousands of years, and over this time many variations of it has been introduced. The widespread variation of saris is something that always sits well with the women who simply love to wear them in numerous occasions. 

India has always been a land of diverse geographical and cultural trends and this is also reflected in the art and craft of sari making. In fact, the cultural heritage of this country is beautifully portrayed in the different styles of saris that are available in the market. Every small or large region of India is known for the different types of sari produced by it. The saris that are produced in different parts of India carry with them the distinct imprint of the region from where they originate. Such aspects have truly contributed in more ways than one to make saris the best form of garments for the Indian woman. Women of all ages in India love to wear the saris in their day to day lives as well as for different types of special occasions.

Festive collection of Indian Sarees available online

There are numerous types of saris that are worn in India which are designated as festival saris. These saris are specifically worn for different types of religious or festive occasions. The extensive variety of cultures and religious practices has given rise to a wide range of festive saris. There is no single standard festival sari that is worn in India. Instead, there are a wide range of traditional saris that are meant to be worn for various specific events. For every festive or special occasion, the types of saris that women will choose to wear will be different in different parts of the country. As most festive or special occasions in India are religious ones, these saris are regarded as auspicious and as such they are often adorned with artwork that specifically cater to the themes, ideas and beliefs associated with that specific festivity.

Typically, festive saris in India tend to be colorful, bright, peppy and elegant. They are generally made in a traditional way and yet they include themes, motifs and elements that make them unique and allow the wearer to stand out in a crowd. While in certain regions of India it is a common practice to include mythological motifs and symbols within the artwork of the saris, this is not really considered to be an essential requirement. The designs and hues that are implemented to decorate the saris frequently reflect the merrymaking and joy that is associated with the festive occasion.     

The type of sari that is to be worn by a woman depends often on the nature of the occasion itself. For instance, women in north India love to get all decked up in fine quality Benarasi silk saris during Diwali that are further adorned with superior golden zari artwork. On the other hand, plain or neutral colored saris are worn to commemorate the occasion of Holi. Similarly women in Bengal love to wear beautiful cotton and silk saris during various special occasions such as Durga Puja, Kali Puja and Saraswati Puja. These saris, when combined with the right kind of ornaments, can make a woman look truly beautiful and regal in appearance.    

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dia Mirza Looks Gorgeous In Paithani Silk sarees.

Our Indian Bollywood Celebrity loves to wear paithani silk sarees for several opening ceremony and other functional events. Dia Mirza always loves to wear Indian Silk sarees. In paithani Silk saree she looks gorgeous and elegance.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sambalpur is a place of tradition and values in western orissa

Odisha state consists of different traditions and people. All our districts have some uniqueness and languages. 

Sambalpur is one of the district where people love each other and love to spend time with loved ones during all festivals.

We have visited One of the famous maa temple samaleswari on the back of river mahanadi. People of western odisha make groups during nuakhai which is the biggest festival in this region.

We got surprised to see still most of the women wear sarees to visit temples and festivals. These people love to speak their language where ever they go and want sambalpuri clothes in any of their fairs wherever they may be in this world.

A Women selling traditional sambalpuri saree in front of Maa Samalei Temple

Monday, December 28, 2015

How to Choose Your Saree from the Collection of Cheap Indian Sarees

Sarees are of different types, both in terms of fabric and price range. Before the option of online shopping, when there were only brick and stone made stores of sarees, we had a concept that cheap Indian sarees are of inferior quality and as the price goes high, quality gets better. So, it was difficult to make a choice when our budget was low because it meant a huge compromise on quality of the product. And once or twice in a year, there were sale and discounts, which were introduced only after retail chains came into being. It gave us a little chance to buy sarees for comparatively low price. But things changed dramatically over the past decade when online shopping took the centre stage.

Today, there are hundreds and thousands of online stores that sell clothes- both Indian and western. This gave us a golden opportunity to buy quality sarees for quite a reasonable price. And the meaning of buying cheap Indian sarees suddenly changed. Where it previously meant buying low quality sarees, now it means striking a good deal or some website is offering really good deals. While choosing your saree from the collection of cheap Indian sarees in your nearby store can really be a daunting task because only preference you can give is its appearance, making the same choice in an online store is relatively easier. You have more options and none of them would be your compromise in terms of quality.

Indian Sarees available with cheap price
Sarees and other dresses bought from online stores are easy on pocket because cost incurred to the company is much lower. First of all, there is no establishment charge as the whole set up is virtual in most of the cases. Secondly, there is no inventory, so there are no maintenance either. Even the employee cost is almost half. This gives them ample room to lower down the cost of sarees even after maintaining the same profit margin. Thus, when you buy cheap Indian sarees, you get a high quality product at the same time.

However, you need to pay attention in certain matters. For example, silk is one fabric where you can easily get duped. Don't get fooled if you are offered a silk saree for a throw away price. Often these are faux or artificial silk which have synthetic thread woven along with very few original silk threads. These are real cheap Indian sarees. So, when buying silk sarees, do not let the price flatter you. Safe bait is to buy from co operatives or other government owned organizations where you might not get any discount but you can be sure of the quality.

Cheap cotton sarees are very comfortable though they tend to get soft after consecutive washes. But if you really have to buy cheap Indian sarees, go for pure cotton or synthetic. Refrain from the ones that claim to offer georgette, chiffon or crepe for dirt cheap price. But you can always get faux georgette or simply synthetic sarees with a real cheap price tag.

To strike best deals, watch out for the discounts offered in various festive seasons. There are coupon codes applicable for buying stuffs over a particular base price. Once you cross the mark, your amount gets additional discount as high as 50%. In order to maximize the business, all the competitors offer such deals. So keep close watch on these offers. Such deals are offered every two to three months, especially before Durga Puja, Diwali, Christmas, and Holi. During this time of the year, you pay price of cheap Indian sarees while you actually buy good, elegant looking high quality sarees.

Friday, December 25, 2015

How to Find Which Sarees are Skin Friendly- Bollywood Designer Sarees or Handloom Sarees

In general, when synthetic materials brush against sensitive skin, they cause rashes and irritation. So, if we look at that way Bollywood sarees that are mostly found in fabrics like georgette or other synthetic materials, can be said to be the one that are least skin friendly while sarees made of natural fibres like silk and cotton are friendly on skin, thus handloom sarees can be said to be skin friendly. But does that mean if you have sensitive skin, you cannot wear Bollywood designer sarees? Now, that would be unfair. So, what is the solution? In fashion industry there is always a way out for those who want to be in style.

There are organizations that manufacture fabrics that are not sensitive to the skin. They use fabrics like chiffon and silk that are soft on skin. Use of kundan, zari work, pearl and other semi precious stones make the sarees alluring to everyone. Bollywood designer sarees that you often notice your favourite stars sporting can be bought from various sites at quite an affordable price. Manufacturers use the same designs and patterns on the fabrics that are friendly on skin. There are specialized artisans and weavers working under strict supervision so that utmost care is taken in order to ensure that the saree you wear is comfortable to your skin. Furthermore these fabrics as well as finished products go through various phases of quality tests so that they qualify on all the parameters and only after achieving the desired results, they hit the shelves, aisles and galleries of stores and online shops.  Other qualities of these sarees are that they are anti-wrinkle and do not bleed colours- two qualities that we always look forward to in any clothing.

Indian Handloom Silk available Online
There is no reason to think that since the fabric is different, the Bollywood designer sarees in them would be a compromise on any part. These sarees are as beautiful, gorgeous and stylish as the original one. Rather, some of these sarees can be in rough fabrics which are not gentle even to the skin of women who do not necessarily have sensitive skin. That is way, skin friendly sarees are improvised versions where you not only get the style but comfort as well. And when you drape these sarees with designer blouse and matching accessories, you will undoubtedly be the head turner in every party and get together. 

Now that you know it is quite possible, rather easily possible, to get skin friendly Bollywood designer sarees, you need to know how to find them. You can ask your regular apparel store for these fabrics. If you are lucky, you can find them in your locality. If not, then you can enquire leading saree shops with enormous stock. If not, look for them online. You will definitely get Bollywood designer sarees that won't be harsh against your skin. This means no longer restricting yourself to handloom silk and cotton sarees only because you have sensitive skin. It is quite unfortunate, that manufacturers ignore this basic fact that a particular skin type can keep a customer base away from their products. However, intelligent ones have found out the niche and doing their part to stay long and strong in the industry and skin friendly Bollywood designer sarees are just an example. So, if you were identified with handloom sarees, it is time you break away from that stereotype. You will love every bit of yourself and enjoy all the attention. Be a fashionista this season with these skin friendly sarees. Get your wardrobe a mega make over with these designer sarees. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Now Online Stores are Ready for Christmas Biggest Saree Sale

Though shopping is said to be the obsession of all women and often this love for shopping is mockingly called retail therapy which they use to treat all their maladies, this same retail therapy has changed country's economy to a great extent. All around us we see consumerism at peak. Thanks to IT and young moneyed class ready to take risk giving way to fresh batches of entrepreneurs, consumer market is booming. Even a decade or two ago, a sale was big thing and took place once or twice a year. But today, before every festival there is a sale and people crowd up to buy more. So next in calendar is biggest saree sale for Christmas. It is true. Christmas fever is on.

Gone are the days when elders would knit their brow seeing the frenzy for Christmas motifs, that are so alien to us becoming so commercial. Snowflakes, holly and berries, Christmas trees being sold in every nook and corner of the street was not a popular scene few years ago. But globalisation and consumerism has redefined the social structure, hence biggest saree sale takes place before all festive seasons, be it Durga Puja or Christmas. Best part of this craziness is that these festivals are no longer confined to a particular religion. Christians look forward to the Durga Puja and Diwali sales and Hindus wait for Christmas. These are golden opportunities to buy designer sarees and dresses at a much cheaper price.

Indian Silk Sarees Sale on Christmas
Best way to avail the biggest sale is by shopping online. Christmas is less than two weeks away and now online stores are ready for Christmas' biggest saree sale. Go to the popular websites and you will find sarees and accessories available at really cheap price. Some online stores offer up to 80% discount. These sarees are not defected but are from the stock of last year. To give place to new stocks, the old ones have to be replaced. So, towards the year end, stock clearance is done by offering huge discounts. Merchants do their part while customers enjoy the biggest saree sale of the season.

Christmas is also the wedding season in India. There are so many weddings in the season of November and January. This is another reason, Christmas saree sale is so popular. The last minute shopping has always the highest bills. And Christmas sale makes it easier. Every website is competing with each other by offering more discounts. Online shopping is very popular. Everyday a new website is launched and each of them has a huge collection. Imagine the options that you get to choose from. Neither need to sweat over how to manage time for shopping nor exhausting yourself wandering from a shop to another, you can enjoy the biggest saree sale while on your way to office, lazying in the comfort of your room or while sipping coffee in office cafeteria. Browsing through the collection is only a matter of minutes. If you know exactly what you need, you can short list your choice using different filters of fabrics, colours, price range etc. This makes your job easier and quicker.

Christmas is a very vibrant festival and weather makes it comfortable too. While nature sets the right mood, the rest is taken care by the market. What more can you want when you can also buy good clothes at a much reasonable price to enjoy the festivities. Enjoy the flavour of the season with biggest saree sale. After all, festivals are all about being happy and what else can make you so happy if not shopping. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

What Type of Dupatta Indian Girls Choose at the time of Online Shopping

Online shopping has solved a huge problem for women, especially working ones. It is very important to have a decent wardrobe when you are going out every day. No matter what kind of job it is, corporate or public sector, as a commuter and professional, your dressing should reflect your taste and at the same time, it should be comfortable too. Now, who has so much time to look for dresses that are decent, comfortable and reasonable too.  Here online stores come into picture. Whether you are looking for denims, kurta or dupatta, online shopping has a solution for everything.

Other than western formal, presently the most popular attire for women is salwar kameez or kurta and leggings with dupatta, mostly in mix and match pattern. This trend has resulted into a surge of different kinds of dupattas. On your way to your office or college, you may find stores and women sporting different types of dupattas like bandhej, batik, net, wrinkled, block print, gold printed georgette and so on. If you are wondering about the price, try dupatta online shopping. Visit any website for apparels and browse through their dupatta section. It will be like opening up a whole world before you. You will definitely find the dupatta you had been looking for. These online stores have a huge collection of stoles and dupattas that are currently in fashion. Look through the filters to zero in your search and complete your dupatta online shopping in matter of few minutes.

Stylish Dupatta Available Online
Dupatta can bring a dramatic change to your otherwise ordinary dress. A plain kurta in single colour can be teamed up with different leggings and dupattas. So, even though your are spending on accessories, you will enjoy a whole new dress. Similarly, you can buy a kurta in raw silk or get it stitched and pair it with different dupattas like cotton block printed, dyed tussar, zari bordered chanderi and so on. All these styles are available online in abundance. Dupatta online shopping will not only make your wardrobe happening with fashionable clothes, but also save your money and time. If you try hopping from a shop to another on some weekend, you can never get so many varieties to choose from. Your choices will be limited and you may have to compromise on your choice. So when you want to buy dupatta, it is better to go through these sites first. This way you will know what to expect, both in terms of price and designs. If you get something exactly of your choice or even better, go for it. If you don’t, dupatta online shopping is always there.

When an Indian woman wants to buy a dupatta, she has a lot of things on her mind- design, colour, price, fabric and above all, it should complement the base dress. During the peak season, it is quite difficult to find out one particular piece of dupatta which will meet all these conditions in a crowded shop. This is where online shops get the advantage. Women can shop for even a finer detailed thing like dupatta with the peace of mind. Dupatta online shopping has revolutionized the concept of shopping for accessories. Try once in some popular site. Different shades, both pastel and dark in different fabrics, cotton to synthetic, silk and chanderi, tissue and organza- you name it, they have it. When you cannot afford a new dress, a dupatta helps in redefining your old one. If you don’t have any idea about the trending style, browsing through these sites will give you a basic one. And with dupatta online shopping, you can give your wardrobe a makeover.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Manabasha Gurubar Jhoti pride of Odisha.

As per odia calendar all we know Goddess laxmi is worshiped on the month of "Margasira". It is a great festivals of odisha. When the day starts every women starts cleaning the house with cow dung paste or red soil, as it believed that Goddess Laxmi never visit the house if the house is full of dirty and untidy. Later women's made beautiful alpana or "Chita" in front of house and in every corner. This Festival beauty is mostly seen in village of odisha. 

Jhoti or Chita in Odisha
To welcome Goddess laxmi from the front gate to the puja room Goddess Laxmi Foot and lotus flower was art in alpana called "Jhoti".Some fresh harvested paddy also put in a bamboo canes on the puja room. Her favorite flower is Lotus.In every house you can see the lotus with Maa Laxmi feet which looks like some white flowers are decorated. On this special day every women loves to wear handloom cotton sarees with white and red color border and read the "Laxmi Purana" book with full devotions.Several Sweets dishes was prepared and served to Goddess laxmi. In odisha, it is beleived that "Maa Laxmi" is the hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity.

"Happy Manabasha Gurubar"

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Types of Indian silk sarees available in Telengana which are best to use as a bridal wear

Telangana is an important state that has been formed only very recently with Hyderabad as it capital. The region is known for its cultural and historic importance. Telangana has contributed significantly to the cuisine, fashion and social practices of India. One of the most important spheres in which the contribution of this state is apparent is fashion. Telangana is known for the various forms of silk sarees that are produced in this region. Many of these silk sarees are also used as bridal sarees. These sarees are known for their signature style that is different from other forms of silk sarees produced in India.

One of the most important forms of silk sarees that is produced in the region of Telangana is the Pochampally saree. Also known as the Pochampally Ikat saree, it is a popular garment among women of different age groups and is also popular as a bridal saree. These sarees have their origin in the Bhoodan Pochampally region in the Nalgonda district of the state of Telangana. The sarees are particularly well known for its traditional geometric patterns that are formed in the Ikat dyeing style. Women love to wear these sarees for a wide range of special occasions as they make them feel beautiful and unique. The intricate geometric patterns that are made in Pochampally Ikat sarees need the experience and skillfulness of the master artisans who craft them from scratch. The weavers who make these sarees are also highly skilled and make the best use of the silk threads as they produce every single piece of saree.

Indian Silk Sarees use as bridal wear now online
Over the years, the Pochampally sarees have gained immensely popularity, so much so that many celebrities have worn them on various important occasions. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the former Miss World as well as acclaimed Bollywood actress chose to wear a Pochampally saree for her wedding day. This made these sarees immensely popular as wedding attires, and women all over the country now love to wear them for the most important day of their lives. The Pochampally saree has also been long regarded as the traditional wear for India’s official air carrier. The air hostesses working with Air India wear Pochampally sarees that are specially designed for their profession. The exquisite quality of these sarees enables the air hostesses of India to make a strong impression as they serve the people of the country and the rest of the world.

Pochampally sarees have literally formed the fashion identity of the state of Telangana. The people of this region really feel proud for their contribution to the country’s fashion sense. Different types of Pochampally sarees are available in the market. While some of these sarees are made to be worn for various special occasions, there are those sarees that are specifically made as bridal wear. Women love to wear these sarees on the day of their engagements, marriages and reception parties. These sarees differ slightly from the standard versions of Pochampally sarees in terms of their designs and looks. When combined with the right kind of jewelry, a nice Pochampally saree can make a woman look really gorgeous.

Among all the types of Indian silk sarees that are available in the market, Pochampally sarees are probably some of the most widely worn forms of bridal sarees all over the country. Currently, there are numerous online stores that offer great stocks of beautiful Pochampally sarees. The sarees that are available in these online stores stand out for their pristine beauty and fine geometric artwork. So if a woman needs to find the best Pochampally saree, then the best place to do that is from an online saree store.   

Saturday, December 5, 2015

How to keep fashionable and trendy sari for your daughter for years?

For any Indian woman, there is nothing like a beautiful saree that she had worn in various special occasions in her life. A saree can conjure up a lot of nice memories; they can also give rise to many more new ones. Hence it is no wonder that many women want to pass on their best sarees to their daughters. However, to do so, it is of absolute importance to maintain sarees in the right manner so that their glamour remains intact even after many years. Maintaining sarees for a long time can be a tricky thing, particularly for those who are not well aware of how to do so and tend to keep a saree in the wardrobe in the same way that they would do with any other piece of clothing.

There have been many times when women have experienced the surprise of seeing a saree ruined due to lack of maintenance. It is not just sufficient to keep a saree in a trunk on the back of a room after wearing it a few times; every type of saree comes with its very own maintenance and preservation techniques. This article will tell you how to maintain a fashionable and trendy sari so that it is in the best condition even after several years.

Preserving cotton sarees

Cotton sarees are some of the most widely worn garments in India, due to the fact that they are extremely comfortable and versatile. Read on to know about how to preserve them for long durations of time.

  • Dark shaded cotton sarees tend to lose color when they are washed. Hence make sure that you do not wash two different sarees together. The cotton sarees should always be washed separately on cold water.
  • Avoid soaking your favorite cotton saree in the water for long periods as this will ruin it permanently.
  • Dry your cotton sarees in shade and avoid the sun altogether.
  • Use starch to retain the look and feel of your cotton sarees. This would help in maintaining their shine as if they are brand new.

Fashionable hand painted patachitra sarees

Preserving silk sarees

Silk sarees are often a matter of pride for a woman. Hence it is very important to preserve their looks for many years to come. Have a look at the different ways in which you can keep the look of a silk saree intact.

  • Avoid using soap while cleaning a silk saree at the very beginning. Instead, soak the saree in salt water of medium temperature for about 20 to 30 minutes; then rinse the saree with cold water. Use plain water to wash it a few times and then clean it by using mild detergent quickly. Start with the pallu and then the border; then gradually move onto the main body. Do not scrub with a brush or bundle it. Once washed, dry the saree by hanging it.
  • If you have got stains in your silk saree, then make use of lime juice to remove them. Simply add some lime juice to water and then use it to remove the stains from the silk sarees. Make sure that you remove the lime water completely just after you are done as it tends to fade the coloring of the saree. In case you are dealing with a stubborn stain, then you can soak that particular spot with petrol and gently scrub it with a soft cloth or a brush.
  • When it comes to ironing your silk saree, the best time to do so is when the saree is still somewhat damp.
  • Store a silk saree in a box or closet away from light and dust. However, do not use a plastic pouch for storing it as it needs breathing space. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Women in Saree- Perfect Representation of Indian Beauty

This is an age old debate- whether it can be said that Indian women look best in saree or should we leave it on individual perspectives. Saree is our national attire and it is long forgotten story where it denoted Indian tradition. With introduction of so many wow factors in this nine yard long clothing, entire community of Indian beauty admits hands down that you can look gorgeous, ethereal, elegant and hot in saree, all depending on the fact that how you wear and carry it. Though there are no hard and fast rules to complete your look but to think of saree as a complete package can be a mistake. Read on to know how and why saree represents the Indian beauty perfectly.

First of all, saree has always been a magic clothing for the western beauties. The legendary Elizabeth Taylor was asked what wonders you, to which she had replied “Indian women. A woman of barely 1.6 meters drapes a cloth piece of 5.5 meters and yet to all their chores without any fuss”. But this is an old story. The latest version is that from Michelle Obama to Julia Roberts and Anna Kournikova to Elizabeth Hurley, every body is seen sporting a saree in some or the other photographs. Saree is popular now. India is a hot topic and everything related to India is hot. So, when Indian beauty is thought of, a picture of saree clad woman comes before their eyes.

Indian designers have gone global. Indian stars are invited in different international film festivals and red carpet occasions world wide. In these circumstances, questions come up whether to appreciate gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in a pretty gown or Deepika Padukone who looked stunning in an elegant saree stood out in the crowd of gown clad women in Cannes. Both are surely best possible examples of Indian beauty. But experts say when you attend an event in a place like Cannes, it is better to showcase the best of India. Thus, a stylishly draped elegant saree with a designer blouse is the hit look. 

Indian Beauty in Saree

Also, Indian women have, genetically, curvaceous body in general. And saree is that outfit which can highlight your best features while hiding the hideous ones. If you are skinny, with the choice of fabric you can have a fuller body. If you are plump, you look slim in georgette or chiffon sarees.  Unlike any other dress style, saree has a plethora of options in terms of designs, fabric, motifs and what not. Blouses bring more dramatic effect to the look of an Indian beauty in a saree. A simple georgette saree with printed three quarter sleeved blouse is a household look while a gorgeous sequinned saree in net with a sleeveless blouse is perfect for a party. Spaghetti strapped, halter neck, turtle neck or backless blouses add another dimension to your look. Blouse is one accessory which can give a new look to your saree. Often the same blouse is used for a number of sarees but when you have exclusive designer blouses, even if you you can use them with the saree, it will give a new look. It is this versatility of sarees as a package which is so appreciated by Indian beauty and saree never loses its sheen.

Saree is something that a woman receives from mother, grandmother, great grandmother, or in-laws as a legacy. Sarees as well as the draping style is an integral part of a girl's upbringing to adulthood. Due to lack of practice there can be certain discomfort at the initial level but in no time she learns it. After we have seen our epitome of Indian beauty- the women at home, in this nine yard long piece of clothing draped around their slender bodies and toiling hard all day.