Tuesday, September 23, 2014

World Famous Dhakai Jamdani

Dhakai Jamdani is a kind of saree made using cotton fabrics. The name originated from the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka. This type of sarees mainly weaving in Bangladesh but now number of Bangladeshi weavers came in India and they reside here mainly in West Bengal. Now Santipur and Fulia are very famous for this type sarees and these places situated in Nadia district of West Bengal. Now this type of sarees also available on number of online shopping store.

Handloom Cotton Sarees Online 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Latest cotton sarees for Puja

During this puja season women in India are use to wear gorgous cotton sarees in the daylight for participate 'Anjali' session at the time of puja. In Durga puja they need to wear atleast two days this type of cotton sarees, such as the day's of 'Mahasasti' and another day's of 'Mahaaustomi'. In those days at the morning they use to wear new sarees and they always like cotton sarees at this time. Number of quality cotton sarees available in the market and as well as available at the online shopping store.

Handloom Cotton Sarees Online Collections

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Wear Traditional handloom sarees on the special function " NAVRATRI" festivals.

Indian women's always want's to look gorgeous and dashing in the special function. From the beginning of navratri to the end women's wear the traditional silk sarees or lehenga choli to perform the garba dance in various style.

Women's wear the Saree and Ghagra choli on Navratri festival
For nine days the women's wear the new traditional sarees and offer the puja to "Maa Durga" and the entire family wears the new clothes. From today's women's already start the shopping from nearest market or from several online shopping stores. Through online shopping you can get various designer sarees to look shimmer in this festive season.

You can also give the special handloom silk sarees gift's to your lovable person, friend's and relatives. Saree always gives a beautiful smile in every women's face. Start shopping for navratri festivals.

Lakshmi Puja at Dhenkanal, Odisha

According to myth, Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity and Vishnu's spouse, calls all her followers and presents rewards and blessings upon each of them. To reception the Goddess, followers clean their homes, garnish them with finery and glows, and arrange sweet pleasures and delicacies as contributions. Followers think that the happier Lakshmi is with the trip, the more she blesses the family with health and prosperity.

In Dhenkanal, Odisha Lakshmi puja is the main occasion. This puja runs here almost 15 days long and here you can see big mela (social gatherings) during this period. So, come once at Dhenkanal to see the biggest festival of Dhenkanal. In this puja all people visits to the pandals after wearing new dresses. The garments shop running well in this period. But now every where internet is available and buyers also visits online shopping store for their desired garments. 

Lakshmi Puja Online Shopping

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Famous Silk Sarees from Nuapatna, Odisha

Nuapatna situated in Cuttack district of Odisha. Nuapatna is well known for Ikat sarees and Khandua Silk. Ikat saree is famous for it's unique designs and Indian women always like to wear handloom designs sarees. They use to wear ikat sarees in every occasion like festivals, marriage ceremony etc. 

Khandua silk also very famous for it's fabrics and also it's unique designs. Specially, in the marriage ceremony women use to wear this saree. Now you can buy these types of sarees from online shopping store. In India there are number of online shopping portals are available.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Handloom Silk Sarees During this Puja

Now It's puja season, and in this month we will celebrate Durga Puja, Laxmi Puja, and Diwali. Every Indian want  to wear new dresses in this season. They buy their dresses from the market and as well as from online shopping store. Their are number of online shopping store available in the web. Our online store also provide latest collection of handloom silk sarees. Their are number of silk sarees available at our store. Like, Sambalpuri Silk Sarees, Bomkai Silk Sarees, Bargarh Silk Saree, Barpali Silk Saree, Katki Silk Sarees, Pasapalli Handloom Silk, khandua silk sarees, nuapatna silk sarees, Berhampuri Silk Sarees, sonepuri saree, Patachitra Sarees and some Traditional Silk sarees.

Patachitra Sarees of Raghurajpur, Puri, Odisha now available for Online Shopping

We have introduced patachitra sarees from odisha, where you can buy them easily from anywhere. These sarees have unique stories like all stories from ramayana, mahabharat, krisna lila and many more.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tribal Arts of Odisha

Tribal art is the visual arts and objects ethnicity of native folks. Tribal art is often traditional or spiritual in character. Normally originating in rural locations, tribal art denotes to the theme and craftsmanship of objects from tribal civilizations. 

The Indian province of Odisha has a wealthy civilizing and inventive tradition. Due to the sovereignty of many different monarchs in the history, arts and crafts in Odisha underwent many transforms giving a creative variety today in the forms of conventional painting, handicrafts and carving. 

Most important handicrafts in Odisha contain applique job, brass and bell metal, silver filigree and rock carving. Other forms contain Polish, Papier Mache, and tribal untangles handlooms and timber and conventional rock carving.

In Odisha Saree Store you can find rare collection of tribal handicrafts and handloom items. Our online shopping store always try to find out rare tribal arts and crafts for you.

 Glass Painting Tribal Art
Glass Painting Tribal Art

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cash Need worried handloom sector in odisha over Powerloom

BHUBANESWAR: Competition from power looms and credit unavailability have been the biggest stumbling blocks in development of handloom sector in Odisha.
While increasing number of power looms has snatched the livelihood of many traditional weavers in Western and Southern Odisha, Government schemes do not reach them on time. Besides, these weavers mostly come under the unorganised sector and most of them meet credit needs through informal channels.
Though a Weaver Credit Card (WCC) scheme was launched by the Union Ministry of Textiles in association with the Indian Banks Association (IBA) in 2012, it has been moving at a snail’s pace in Odisha. The scheme was launched with an aim to meet the credit requirements of weavers in a flexible and cost-effective manner.
Apparently, financial support has not been forthcoming from commercial banks. The WCC scheme was conceptualised to introduce an institutional finance system for the weavers who have no support system, except money lenders and private cooperative societies, to fall back upon. Under this scheme, a weaver can seek credit upto `two lakh with no collateral security. The scheme holds significance as the WCC cards would enable weavers to get adequate and timely assistance from banks to meet their credit requirements both for working capital and investments like upgradation of looms and purchase of new equipment.
At present, Odisha has 43,650 looms being run by 1,92,330 weavers. Of them, around 86,000 weavers operate under 519 weaver co-operative societies.
According to official reports, till July this year, only 564 WCCs have been issued by 28 commercial banks operating in the State against 13,448 applications. This is against the target of two lakh WCCs that the department aims to issue in 2014-15 financial year.
Last year, 10,031 WCCs were issued and a loan amount of `151.75 lakh was sanctioned against which `117.6 lakh has been disbursed. In 2012-13 financial year, just about 309 cards were issued by banks in the State against an application for 17,234 cards. Though camps were organised by the Textile Department in all districts to make weavers aware of the scheme and seek applications in the last two financial years, no such camp has been held this year.
Disbursement of funds by the banks has also been measly. At least four banks have not disbursed anything to the weavers.
Director of Handloom and Textiles Department, Manmohan Sahoo, admitted that weavers are not getting timely assistance from banks during credit requirement.
“The Weavers Credit Card scheme has not been implemented properly in the State because of the commercial banks. As many as 12,884 applications for WCCs are pending with different banks. At the recent State Level Bankers’ Committee meet, we asked the banks connected with the scheme to hasten the processing of card applications for the benefit of the weavers community,” he said.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Friday, September 5, 2014

Some of the Famous Indian handloom Sarees available in Indian states

India is a rich country of traditional art and crafts where we have famous work like patola, patachitra, chandua, kasavu sarees. We have some of the famous sarees which are come from different states of india and known for below sarees name.

List of famous sarees are:

  • Dharmavaram
  • Venkatgiri
  • Pochampally
  • Peddapuram
  • Gadwal
  • Uppada
  • Madhavaram
  • Tussar
  • Bomkai
  • Sambalpuri
  • Ikat
  • Khandua
  • Nuapatna
  • Chirala
  • Pasapalli
  • Berhampuri
  • Sonepuri
  • Natayanpet
  • Kanjeevaram
  • Molkalmuru

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Foreign Girls and Indian Sarees

Nowadays foreign girls are very much interested about Indian cultures, Indian environment etc. For these reason you can find in the social websites number of foreign girls want to stay here in india and they also want to marry Indian guys. In the bollywood film industry you can find number of foreign girls continue trying their luck to build their carrier. Not only film industry they also try their luck some other sectors also. You can find foreign girls also participate Indian fashion shows, glamour hunt shows wearing with Indian sarees, lahengas, chudidar etc. Actually, they like Indian dress code and styles.

Indian Handloom Sarees Online Shopping

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Top 9 Materials Used for clothing in india for men and women

Top 9 Materials Used for clothing in india for men and women
  1. Silk
  2. Cotton
  3. Rayon
  4. Synthetic
  5. Satin
  6. Wool
  7. Denim
  8. Linen
  9. Velvet

Indian Women and Sarees

 Saree is the first choice as a traditional garment of Indian Women. They very much like to wear sarees in every occasions and as well as in daily life. Handloom sarees are vary famous in India and abroad. Indian handloom weavers are very much creative in their work. They love to create new items everyday. In handloom saree range you can find cotton and silk sarees both.

Handloom Silk Sarees

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hujuge Bengali and there Carnivals

Bengalis are very crazy for festivals. “Hujuge” is a synonyms for Bengalis because we actually don’t need a reason for celebrations…”Hujuge Bangali” round the year it’s a festive season for us.  It’s a well-known saying for Bengalis “Baro massh e Taro Parbon”.

We Bengalis are Quintessential  for celebrating any sort of festivals whether it’s our great poet Rabindranath Tagore’s birthday or our 5day showstopper Durga Puja. Wherever we are in any part of the world we don’t forget our festivals. Not only our own we do celebrate all global festivals where its English new year or the samba dance carnival in Brasil you can find us everywhere.

Kolkata Durga Puja
Though round the year we have reasons for merry making but this does not give a hiccup to our work. The way we Bengalis manage both work and celebration makes us somewhat unique. Also one most important part of our festival is “food” we are very ”foody” and love to taste variations. This is the time we do indulge ourselves to taste the varieties. What so ever these festivals do replenish us with lots of energy and refreshes  us so that we can face any barrier with a smile. 

So I must say “jug jug jio Bengali with your festivals…”
Here comes a short list which covers most of our carnivals 

baisak(april - may)
poila baishak

vivekanda's birthday

rabindranath's birthday
Lokenath's death

Lokenath's birthday
ganesh pujo
durga pujo

bishwakarma pujo

kali pujo

kartik pujo

jagatdhatri pujo
paush mela (shantiniketan)
maagh (jan-feb)

neel sasthi

basanti pujo

charak mela

Monday, September 1, 2014

9 Occasions women love to wear sarees in india

Women like to drape sarees in traditional occasion, these are 9 most time when women like sarees.
  1. Diwali
  2. Eid
  3. Kitty Party
  4. Mehendi
  5. Reception
  6. Sangeet
  7. Temple visit
  8. Wedding
  9. Christmas

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Baby Kurta Online Shoppimg made in odisha handloom

Baby clothing stores now added kurta for them which are of pure cotton and made in india by best handloom weavers or designers.

During Pujas men wear handloom kurta which now goes to child of the family and parents choose to buy them traditional ethnic dresses, in puja like Ganesh chatruthi, laxmi puja, durga pujo, diwali etc.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Vidya Balan wears hand painted tussar saree in Dahi Handi festival.

Bollywood Actress Vidya Balan wears hand painted mythological saree in Dahi Handi festival which held in pune. Vidya looked stunning at the Dahi Handi festival. She paired the saree with hot pink blouse and looks gorgeous. She had her tied in a bun and a pink lip completed her looks.

Vidya Balan wears mythological saree

 Dahi Handi is celebrated after janmastami festival , which is the birth of Lord Krishna. If you want's to look pinkish in the upcoming festival try to buy the handloom silk saree of pink color from several online shopping stores. Through online shopping you get various designer sarees of several places.

11 Kids Clothing Brand you love to shop online in india

Each kid love to wear new clothes in all occasion and they need something which look different than others. Here are some of the brands you love to do shopping online.

  1. Angry Bird
  2. Barbie
  3. Disney
  4. Cartoon Network
  5. Little India
  6. Nauti Nati
  7. Manchester United
  8. Sweet Dreams
  9. Scullers Kids
  10. Ufo
  11. Nuteez
Baby Clothing Stores Online Shopping

Ganapati Bappa Morya

Only one days left for Ganesh Chaturthi festival, idol makers are in full swing to give the final touch in Ganapati idols. Mostly women, children are in full busy for buying new silk sarees, cotton sarees, frocks, cotton salwar suits from nearest shop or from online shopping sites. Families decorate their home by making beautiful ganesha rangoli on the floor infront of door gates to welcome ganapati bappa.

Rangoli of Ganapati bappa

 The 10 day celebration was a great fun for every people, visit the ganapati pandals and take the delicious prasad like modak and ladoos , attend the aarti and celebrate the festival with great fun.

You can also buy Ganapati idols of various design's from online shopping and gift to your dearest person. So ready to say "Ganapati Bappa Morya".

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Temple design Silk saree available in various Online Shopping.

Bollywood Actress Rekha always spotted in handloom silk sarees. Now a days Bollywood actress always want's to look unique in crowdy place. The Bollywood queen Rekha was spotted in Award Function  by wearing the  traditional silk saree of maroon color with temple design's on border. She looks extremely beautiful in this sarees. 

Rekha in temple design silk saree

If you want to buy temple design's saree try from several online shopping sites with affordable price. Temple design saree always gives the unique look from other sarees. It always remember the culture and tradition of India.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ganesh Chaturthi celebrate all over India.

Start the year with the festivals of "Shree Ganesh" .This year Ganesh Chaturthi held on  Bhadrav Suklapakhya Chaturthi August 29th(friday) . 

 Lord Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He is a obedient and respectful son which every mother want's. Every year Ganesh Chaturthi is the starting festival, he is worshiped all over India and it said to bring good luck in household and business matters. On that day women's wear the handloom cotton saree, of different design's and unmarried  girl's wear the heavy designer sarees

On Ganesh Chaturthi the sweet delicious made like ladoos, and modak which our Lord Ganesha loves it too much. People also offered ladoos and modaks on the time of puja. It is a fun festival which peoples enjoy it too much. On mumbai Ganesh Chaturthi festival celebrate in great way people from several place come to visit mumbai ganesh chaturthi festival. 

On that day peoples also gift to their lovely person like sarees, wallhanging of Lord ganesha which they buy from online shopping stores. 

Best quality sarees online shopping in India | Bhubaneswar USA | Canada | UK | Singapore | London | Bangalore | Dubai | Kerala

Buying anything need money and time. So anytime we buy sarees we should ask and check the quality of cotton or silk fabric. Each clothing comes with different thread counts. If you are not sure what to verify ask the online shopping site customer care and get your doubt clear before making final payment.

We offer best quality cotton saris and silk sarees from weavers of Odisha and ship to you directly. After you call still you are not sure on quality check, we would suggest to buy a product with smaller budget and verify the product to check authenticity of the online shopping website.

We have best quality sarees, dress set, shirts, kurta, dupatta, handicrafted products, painting etc.

Happy shopping. Shopping reduce stress and depression. So Keep Shopping.

Best Quality Cotton Sarees Online Shopping in India

Monday, August 25, 2014

Cuttack and Bhubaneswar City may soon get Metro Rail Facility

Indian definitely getting to good shape in the hand of Mr Narendra Modi. Now as per latest news there is a plan to start Metro rail facility between Cuttak and Bhubaneswar Twin City.

Population in both cities rising faster and they commute both cities frequently for official works. Good News friends. Lets hope work going to be started as soon as plan approved which will cost around 4000 Crores.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Nuakhai Celebration in Odisha | Sambalpuri Culture | Nuakhai Bhetghat in Orissa

In western odisha people celebrate Nuakhai festival celebrate in a great way. It is an agricultural festival celebrated by the western people of odisha. Nuakhai is observed to welcome the new rice of the season. This festival is celebrated after the ganesh chaturthi festival. It is a social festival of western odisha. 

On that day women's wear the new handloom cotton sarees, silk sarees, gent's wear the dhoti and pray for Samalei Maa for the well wishes. On that day women's prepare the delicious sweet and different types of food item's. They sit together to eat the delicious sweets and the juniors take the blessing of elder people. Elder people give the gift's to their junior ones what they want or they go to the nearest shop to buy their favorite things.

In evening people sit together and enjoy the folk dance. If you are in outside then try to buy the cotton sarees, silk sarees from several online shopping sites and give them a special gifts to your family person. Online shopping is the best option to give the unique gift. Now a days Nuakhai fetsival is celebrated not only in western odisha but celebrated in Bangalore, Delhi, Goa, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, kolkata etc. Happy Nuakhai Festival.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Beige kerela traditional silk saree available in online shopping.

Checkout the Bollywood celebrity in beige kerela traditional silk saree with simple gold zari border paired with white color quarter sleeves blouse. Now a days Bollywood actress are spotted by wearing the silk saree and looks elegant.

Rani Mukherjee in kerela traditional silk saree.
 If you want to get traditional silk saree for any bridal function then prefer online shopping sites. Online shopping is the best shopping sites to buy silk sarees online.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Expensive sarees now you can buy through online shopping

Odisha Sarees not only available in few hundred we have some ikat saris which are more than few lakhs. Those cotton and silk sarees made by famous designer Mr Sarat Patra of Cuttack and Mehers in Sambalpur.

Most costly sarees are made of natural dye in which vegetable and fruit color used to make it.

As per award winner patra family one expensive sarees can take upto 1 year to design and weaving.

Choose a perfect blouse design for several festivals.

Every women loves to wear the saree with matching designer blouse which gives them a stylish look in crowdy area. Bollywood actress wears the several designer blouse in several award function and in festivals. 

Types of blouse design wear by Bollywood actress.

Now a days bridal loves to wear the designer blouse on their marriage day which gives them a sexy look. You can get the designer blouse from several online shopping sites with affordable price.
Types of designer blouse which perfect to your body.
1. Traditional styles
     Round and square neck.
Round and square neck perfect to every tall and short women and looks good by wearing in cotton sarees or silk sarees.

2. Oval neck
It's perfect to suit in shorter women.

3. Chinese collar design
Famous actress Genelia D'souza wears the chinese collar design blouse. It's perfect for the long necks.

4. High neck design blouse.
Now wome's love to wear the high neck design blouse in several party wears. It also perfect for high necks.

5. Knot design's blouse
Knot design blouse is today's latest fashion for every women. Knot design's gives a unique look from the back side.

Whatever you choose a blouse make sure you are comfortable with the blouse what you are wearing. Choose the blouse of your choice.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

11 Famous instrumentalists from India

Music plays a vital role in each individuals, music can cure many stress and problems. It gives peace to your soul and comfort you to your best level.

  1. Zakir Hussain
  2. G. Ramakrishnan
  3. Ali Akbar Khan
  4. L. Subramaniam
  5. N. Muralikrishnan
  6. Pandit R K Bijapure Maha Meru
  7. Ustad Bismillah Khan Sahib
  8. Pandit Ravi Shankar
  9. Hariprasad Churasiaya
  10. Kadri Gopalnath
  11. Ustad Allarakha

Common Trees of India which scared and fruitful.

In India tradition and culture only not in clothing and food but in nature also. Mostly tree in India is holy shrine where the women's wear new sarees and worship. Different types of trees which worship are big peepal tree, great banyan tree and so many others trees. Bael Tree is the scared tree in India.

Worship the banayan tree
Now also people believes to the nature, in several village area the Vatsavitri puja held under the tree and women's wear the new silk sarees and worship. In India several festival held in the holy shrine tree. 

There are so many trees which people believes too much they are,
- Banyan Tree
- Peepal Tree
- Mango Tree
- Audumbar Tree
- Neem Tree
- Bael Tree
 Visit to Village area and enjoy the natural beauty.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Buy Handloom Cotton Sarees Online shopping In India.

India is famous for handloom cotton sarees which have different design's like natural flower, peacock, Lotus flower, Godess laxmi feet, tree, and different types of animal motifs. Cotton sarees are the latest fashion and loved by every Indian women.

Sonakshi Sinha wears the cotton sarees.

 Cotton sarees always gives you comfort and relax feel in every season. Now a days Bollywood actress loves to wear cotton sarees in onscreen and offscreen. When they wear the sarees they wear in different style which is the latest fashion in today's life. Sonakshi Sinha wears the white cotton sarees and looks so simple, shover and graceful looks.

You also try to buy cotton sarees online from several online shopping stores. Online shopping can help to buy different types of cotton sarees from different places with wide range.

List of Places to visit in Meerut | Travel | Shopping | Tourism

Meerut is a city in the state Uttar Pradesh which was their from indus valley civilization. This city is around 70 KM from indian capital Delhi. As per history the name came from Mayasura who is the father-in-law of Ravana.
Meerut has many important historical and tourism destination which attract many tourist from all part of the world. 

As the city grows time to time now meerut is a hot destination for shoppers and as per current study this city is shifting from traditional shopping to online shopping very fast and growing 60% of customer base each year. Mostly buyers choose to buy fashion clothing like sarees, dress, salwars, funky tops etc from these famous indian shopping sites.

Places to see are:

  • Bhole ki Jhaal
  • Tank
  • Jama Masjid
  • Clock Tower
  • St. John's Church
  • Gandhi Bagh
  • Suraj Kund
  • Parikshitgarh
  • Appu Ghar
  • Mansa Devi
  • Bale Miyan ki Dargah
  • Shri Shantinath Digamber Jain Temple
  • Chandi Devi Temple
  • Shahpeer Sahab ki Dargah
  • Kailash Parbat
  • Kali Paltan Mandir
  • Sardhana Church
  • Shahid Smarak
  • Ashtapad
  • Ecological Park

Why Still Couples want a Boy instead of Girl in India?

Indian population growing like hell, still we can see lot of family want a baby boy even if they are having a girl child. This not common among poor or middle class people but high educated husband and wifes also want a name to be used for baby boy.

Still indian might think boy can save their future in when they will get older, that is really not true, a girl can take your name to newer height making you proud.

Anybody from you know the answer?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

World Famous Kanchipuram Sarees

The Kanchipuram saree is a style of saree usually made by weavers from Kanchipuram situated in Tamil Nadu, India. These are woven naturally. The Kanchipuram saree is famous by its large contrast borders.

According to myths in Kanchi silk weavers are the successors of Sage Markanda, the master weaver of Gods who is assumed to have woven tissue from lotus thread. Also, while cotton is considered to be the favourite fabric of Lord Shiva silk was favoured by Lord Vishnu.

In Odisha Saree Store you can find various types of handloom silk sarees. Our online shopping store provide a good service delivery to the online customers.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Home Decor Online Shopping | Wall Art | Wall hanging | Gift wall painting

Wall design and decoration for your home is an important aspect to live beautifully with traditional buy keeping items like wall hannging and pipili chandua.

Now you can shop them and ship by online shopping.

Famous kolkata saree designers who made the city proud all over india due to their beautiful designs

Kolkata have many many designers who create their name and fame in city and all over india. Most of them either opened a store in calcutta or in mumbai, some associated with tollywood and bollywood industry.

  • Anju Agarwal
  • Shantanu Goenka
  • Abhishek Dutta

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Online saree shopping in west bengal | bengal cotton saree online shopping | kolkata saree collection | Santipur Silk sarees

Kolkata is the hub for all traditional sarees in india. Bengali's are known for their talent on all fields whether art, crafts, singing, dancing, politics and many more.

Like the same they are making some great sarees in west bengal. There are number of names of saree in bengal which comes from different part of west bengal.

Now all these sarees available through many online saree shopping sites and you can enjoy shopping.

calcutta handloom sarees online

Gift Shopping now easy through Online Shopping in India | Send Gift Online | Buy Online Gifts | Online Gift Shopping

In Old days we love to receive and send gifts to our loved ones in many occassions like birthday, rakhi, durga puja, ganesh puja, marriages and many traditional occasions. 

All of us did these shopping from traditional stores near our home by hand picking them and give them by person. But after 2000's as online shopping introduced in india, it is now easy to buy gift and deliver it to the person wherever he may be living in this world.

Now suppose you are living in US and you can not able to visit india in your parent's birthdays, do not worry, online shopping made all this easy. You can buy cotton sarees or silk sarees for your mother and purchase a cotton kurta for your father.

Sounds interesting, correct?

Even they go more far and help to buy through Paypal accounts because some of you may not have international debit card or credit card.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Authentic handloom silk saree store in india | Best Shop for Online Shopping

If you are not sure where to find best and authentic handloom silk sarees in india, then do not worry. We have started our store for all of you on the year 2013. 

We sell both cotton and silk sarees directly from weavers without any middleman. All products we sold are only handloom and made with love by weavers.

Feel Free to Contact Us anytime between 9 am to 6 pm IST.

Authentic Silk sarees of Odisha

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Half Sarees is the fashionable for today's young girl's.

Half saree are famous in south India which they wear in several function and festivals. By wearing the half saree they look elegance, beauty and gives the traditional Indian wear. In the olden days the girl's wear without dupattta and when they grow and put the dupattta it becomes a half saree. 

Deepika wear traditional silk asrees and half sarees .

In some few years half sarees becomes the Indian fashion wear by the 
Bollywood actress and the modeler's. Thank's to the designer who give the modern beauty in the half sarees. In every young girl's wardrobe you can find the half sarees with their favorite colors.You can get the half sarees in different fabrics like simple Georgette, heavy silk with different design's. The Bollywood actress  Deepika Padukone wears the half saree and traditional silk sarees in the chennai express movies. She looks so cute and simple looks by wearing the half sarees.

Now half sarees and silk sarees available in different online shopping stores. Visit several stores in India and buy the half sarees of your choice.

Test tube baby a new way to be parents now in india for married couple

In india average marriage age for boys and girls shifted from 20's to 30's. Everyone whether men or women want to settle down in life before moving to committed status. 

I do not know what exactly "settled" means but surely each one now at least planning to have a car, a home, few foreign trips and many more.

Due to all these plan they are getting married at very late age and or even planning a child late after marriage, which cause major issue for pregnancy at a late age.

All they do just searching ideas how not to get pregnant which latter a cause of mental stress when they not succeeding to conceive.

As per a internet report there are more than 2 lakh internet searched each month "how to get pregnant" only in india.

But do not worry now science goes well before them and find way to pregnancy through process of "Test Tube Baby" and Sperm Donation. Even a bollywood movie is there for sperm donation named "Vicky Donor"

Thanks to science for this great help, still we will suggest you get married in right age, because point of settled word in infinite. You can not achieve it anytime, it always go far and far when you reach higher levels.

Baby in India

Monday, August 11, 2014

Sharmila was spotted in Traditional silk saree at Award function.

In Bollywood tarditional silk sarees have taken his own place. Silk Sarees have a great demand in International platform. The evergreen beautiful Bollywood Actress Sharmila was spotted in a Bright color silk sarees at award function. She looked gorgeous in the bright silk saree.
She always loves to wear the traditional wear like silk sarees, cotton sarees. Every day she was spotted in traditional sarees outfit.

Sharmila wears traditional silk sarees.
 The saree has a charming glow and draped in a simple way. She wear it with matching blouse. If you loves handloom silk sarees then try to buy from online shopping. From several stores you can get variety silk sarees from different regions.